A Guide to North Miami Beach’s Brewery District

The craft beer scene is growing in North Miami Beach
The craft beer scene is growing in North Miami Beach | © Aleksandar Karanov / Shutterstock
Eager to mimic the success of the creative Wynwood district, North Miami Beach altered its zoning code to redevelop the area and allow for a variety of breweries to set up shop. As the craft beer scene takes Miami by storm, Culture Trip explores the best places for beer in the area.
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The project was spearheaded by Patrick Brett, the Community Redevelopment Agency administrator, in a mission to revitalize the neighborhood’s cultural scene. Breweries, much like those in Wynwood, have helped bring new business to depleted areas, in the same way as restaurants and bars do. According to the masterminds behind the brewery district, North Miami – often dubbed the “craft beer desert of Miami” – was always intended to house Miami beer drinkers. As administrator Brett puts it, North Miami is “a craft beer desert,” making it a perfect location to join the ranks of the budding brewery scene. When plans to line the area with breweries was approved in 2018, a number of companies took up residence in the prospective new Miami brewing scene.

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The breweries

The city now houses a number of breweries, including favorites Descarga Brewing Company and Lost City Brewing. Still, more are expected to develop in the coming months and years. North Miami has even provided multiple funding grants to entice brewing businesses to come to the city in order to draw locals and visitors to the area.

Located on Northeast 13th Avenue, Descarga specializes in hand-crafted artisan ales inspired by Central American, South American and Caribbean flavors. As for Lost City Brewing, the company reaps rewards for their microbrews. Its flan milk stout beat out other beers across the state in several competitions, meaning North Miami Beach residents already host an award-winning brewer in their ranks.

As the area continues to develop with breweries and microbreweries doing big business, North Miami Beach is transforming into a must-visit location for Florida-goers.

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