A Guide to North Miami Beach's New Brewery District

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Updated: 27 March 2018
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The craft beer scene is expanding in Miami with the new North Miami Beach Brewery District. Eager to take part in what has been a neighborhood success in Wynwood, North Miami Beach changed its zoning code a few years back to redevelop the area and allow for breweries. Here’s your need-to-know guide.

The project, spearheaded by Patrick Brett, the Community Redevelopment Agency administrator, is meant to revitalize the city which is sorely lacking in entertainment. Breweries like those in Wynwood have helped to bring restaurants and bars which have lured people to the neighborhood, and made it the popular area it is today. Now, North Miami wants a piece of the cake too.

The city has already two brewing companies – Descarga Brewing Company and Lost City Brewing – while many more are expected to come. North Miami has even provided grant money to entice brewing businesses to come to the city in order to attract business.

Located in Northeast 13th Avenue, Descarga specializes in hand-crafted artisan ales with inspiration from Central American, South American and Caribbean flavors. As for Lost City Brewing, the company is yet to settle into a brick-and-mortar space, but its beer has already reaped an award. Their flan milk stout beat out other beers across the state in several competitions, meaning North Miami Beach locals have something to look forward to once the brewery opens in the city.

It’s still too soon to guess how much of an effect opening breweries will have in North Miami Beach, but restaurants, bars and crowds are expected to proliferate – eventually.

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