17 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Las Vegas

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Updated: 26 July 2017
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Las Vegas loves its tourists. While the city sells itself as the ultimate adult’s playground, there are still some rules that visitors should follow during their stay to ensure their best vacation possible. Avoid wasting money and getting into trouble with these suggestions from Culture Trip.

Forget to tip the right person

Tipping is important in Las Vegas; in a city that relies on its service industry, tips are integral to an employee’s sustainability, not to mention greatly appreciated. However, it can be somewhat confusing as to who you should and should not tip in a hotel. Retail employees, porters and pool attendants aren’t generally allowed to accept tips, but servers, valet, maids, bell hops and casino hosts are able to.

Tipping is greatly appreciated but not obligatory

Swim in the Bellagio fountains

The Bellagio fountains are one of the most popular attractions in Las Vegas. Guests are welcome to watch the light show from the Strip, but no one is allowed in the water at any time. Security will remove anyone who gets in the water, and the police may even arrest those offenders.

Wear high heels on the Strip

It’s a common sight on the Las Vegas Strip: girls in pretty dresses walking down the street, barefoot and holding their high heels. The sparkly stilettos might look great inside a nightclub, but don’t risk hurting yourself by walking around barefoot on the way back to your hotel. Bring a pair of roll-up flats in your bag; your feet will thank you for it later.

Bend your cards at the blackjack table

The moment anyone sits down at a table game in Las Vegas, security is watching them. Every inch of a casino is covered by security cameras, especially the casino floor. Whether it’s poker, blackjack or Pai Gow, every action a guest takes is observed closely. If a guest does anything that could be construed as cheating, such as bending their cards, pit bosses can request they leave the game or the property.

Be mindful of your behavior at the black jack table

Buy bottled water from street vendors

While you’re walking the Strip, you’re bound to run into at least one person selling bottled water along the walkways and bridges that traverse the street. While it might be tempting, especially during the summer, it is advised to not buy from them. Most are not licensed and do not have to follow any safety protocol.


Traveling the Las Vegas Strip can be exhausting on foot. Sometimes, it is a little too tempting to try and take shortcuts. Jaywalking on the Strip can carry consequences if you’re caught by a bicycle cop and is dangerous since the street is always dense with traffic. Save yourself a lot of money and headaches and use the crosswalks, or take advantage of the monorail and bridge options.

Gamble at the airport

Waiting at any airport can be maddening. To pass the time, most people read, eat, drink or listen to music, and at McCarran Airport, travelers can also gamble. However, the slot machines at McCarran Airport aren’t subject to the Nevada Gaming Commission guidelines, so odds are even more in the house’s favor. Use the money instead to download an audio book or to buy an extra cup of coffee.

The odds are not in your favor at the airport slot machines

Get all your snacks from the casino’s convenience stores

Like any other tourist destination, the Las Vegas Strip can be expensive. Depending on which hotel you stay in, you can pay anywhere from three to six dollars for one bottle of water. Save yourself a little money by stocking up on snacks and drinks from the Walgreens on the Strip instead of buying from the hotel, or the mini bar.

Do anything inappropriate in a hotel pool

Las Vegas is known, among many things, for its pool parties. Despite the general laissez-faire attitude at the hotel pools, there are some clear and definite boundaries to what you can and can’t do in them. Anyone caught getting intimate in a pool will be asked to stop at first, and if it continues, security can remove them from the premises.

Hotel pools, unless otherwise noted, should be family friendly

Show up to a nightclub dressed improperly

Most of the nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip have a dress code. They all follow some general guidelines, such as no baseball hats, athletic shoes, sunglasses, or torn jeans. If you show up improperly dressed, the doorman has the right to bar your entry and call security if they want you removed. To avoid a long walk back to your room to change, err on the side of caution and dress to impress.

Argue with a pit boss

Pit bosses and security guards have all the power on the casino floor. If you’re asked to leave for whatever reason, it’s best to do so quickly and quietly. Both can have you removed from the property and banned from other properties if the situation warrants it.

If a dealer or pit boss asks you to leave, leave quietly

Use casino ATMs

The markup on everything in Las Vegas is high, including its ATM fees. Depending on which casino you’re at, the ATM fees can cost almost as much as a well drink from the bar. Save yourself some money by withdrawing from a local Bank of America or Wells Fargo, or bring enough cash before you leave.

Avoid paying off your markers

If you’re a regular gambler, you’ll know what a casino marker is. For those who don’t know, markers are like credit lines offered by casinos. If you get a marker, the casino gives you a certain amount of money to do with as you wish at their venue. The understanding is that you’ll pay the money back. If you don’t, the casino can pursue legal options against you.

Don’t gamble more than you can afford

Take pictures inside a show

There are numerous brilliant, beautiful shows to see on the Strip. Photography isn’t allowed inside any of the headliner shows on the Strip, from Thunder from Down Under to Mystère. If you’re caught taking pictures, you’ll be spoken to by ushers the first time. If it continues, you can be asked to leave or turn over your phone for the duration of the show.

Touch nightclub performers

Nightclubs are some of the most popular places on the weekends in Las Vegas. Each club strives to distinguish itself, and some do this by providing entertainment, such as acrobats and dancers. If you’re fortunate enough to get a front-row view of these talented performers, it’s important to remember to keep your hands to yourself. If you try to touch or tip one of them, security will intervene.

Forget to drink water

Anyone who has been to Las Vegas knows it gets hot, especially in the summer. Despite the 100°F+ (37.7°C+) temperatures, it can be easy to forget to drink water while exploring the Strip. Avoid the likelihood of heat exhaustion and the complications of dehydration, which increase with alcohol consumption, by remaining hydrated.

Drink plenty of water in Las Vegas, especially in the summer

Ignore the rest of the city

Most people who come to Las Vegas come to see the Strip; it is one of the great tourist attractions in the country and should be on everyone’s bucket list. However, there is more to Las Vegas than that one stretch of road. There are mountains to explore, desert to see, and museums to visit. See the Las Vegas that exists beyond the Strip, and you’ll find more reasons to love Sin City.

Don’t miss the rest of what Las Vegas has to offer
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