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The 10 Best Restaurants in Amman, Jordan

The 10 Best Restaurants in Amman, Jordan

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Jordan’s capital is no stranger to fine dining, with a plethora of restaurants from which to savor cultural delicacies. From traditional Jordanian fare to gourmet steak houses, this city of four million caters to every culinary desire imaginable. Here we walk you through the best restaurants in Amman.

Fakhr el-Din

The multi-award winning Lebanese restaurant Fakhr el-Din is a popular spot for members of Amman’s high society, offering excellent quality food and service. Occupying a renovated traditional style house in the city’s 1st Circle, you will experience a tangible sense of living in the past as you dine in style. Famed for its wide range of authentic mezze, connoisseurs of Lebanese cuisine won’t leave disappointed. Arak and/or shisha make for the perfect post-dinner treat.

Opening hours: Check with restaurant

Address: 1st Circle, Amman. +962 6 465 2399


Brisket barbecue restaurant is home to internationally acclaimed meat dishes, and arguably boasts the most succulent, tender burgers in the entire Middle East. Every type of meat cut imaginable is served up and cooked to perfection here, from steaks to wings to brisket itself; the smoked beef ribs are especially tantalizing. Truly mouth-watering and unforgettable, meat lovers will rejoice at the variety of choice.

Opening hours: 7pm-11pm

Address: Abdullah bin Masoud Street, Amman. +962 7 9950 6020


One of Amman’s oldest and best-loved restaurants, Hashem is a simple bistro revered for its wholesome, good quality grub. A set menu of traditional Jordanian fare is what’s on offer, which features – by common consensus – some of the best falafel in the country. Located in the capital’s bustling downtown area, the basic furnishings complement a richness of experience and flavour that’s second to none. Few places in the city are so effortlessly authentic as Hashem.

Opening hours: Open til late

Address: al-Amir Mohammed St, Downtown, Amman. + 96 26 463 6440


Located in Rainbow Street, Sufra offers its clientele traditional Jordanian fare in the most exquisite of settings. Beautifully furnished, the restaurant is light and airy, with options to sit outside or on the rooftop, which boasts some exceptional views of the city. Helpful staff and delicious freshly cooked bread are but two small examples of the many ways in which Sufra goes the extra mile to provide the perfect setting for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Opening hours: Check with restaurant

Address: 26 Rainbow Street, Amman. +962 6 461 1469


The best place in town for shawarma, Reems is celebrated city-wide for its delectable take-away offerings. This roadside store is cramped and often has queues going out the door – a testament to the lengths that regulars will go to to sate their cravings. Located in the 2nd Circle, Reems is open until late and is a must try for anyone before leaving Amman.

Opening hours: Open til late

Address: 2nd Circle, Amman. +962 7 9650 4584

Kan Zaman

The beautifully historic setting of Kan Zaman is enough to merit your visit. Located in an old Ammani residence, the stunning brick archways and vaulted ceilings create an ambiance like no other. Recently renovated, the service is professional and attentive, and the menu offers a good range of Lebanese-style cuisine. The mezze is varied and filling, and the selection of traditional desserts will prove irresistible to those with a sweet tooth. Outdoor seating is also available, and tasteful traditional music often plays in the background.

Opening hours: Check with restaurant

Address: Airport Road, Yadoudeh, Amman. + 962 6 412 8391

Bab al-Yeman

Bab al-Yeman is the number one spot for sampling Yemeni food in the city. With its generous portions, your plate will be laden with mixed meats doused in Yemeni spices, accompanied by a mouth-watering selection of yoghurts, breads, and dips. You won’t find a better mandi (a spicy meat and rice dish) in all of Jordan. They also do delivery.

Opening hours: Check with restaurant

Address: Building 91, Ahmad al-Tarawina Street, Amman. +962 6 5340834

Rakwet Arab

Located in the cosy Jabal al-Weibdeh district, Rakwet Arab is a relaxing venue for food, drinks, and for smoking shisha. Tastefully decorated, the soft lighting and traditional tile-work make for an agreeable atmosphere in which to while away an afternoon with a cup of tea in the company of a good book. The chefs serve up tasty, local fare, best consumed in the cafe-restaurant’s leafy, shaded courtyard. Reasonably priced and rightfully popular, Rakwet Arab is an oasis of calm that offers a moment of respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Opening hours: Open til late

Address: 4 Al Baouniyah Street, Amman, +962 6461 1559.


If you’re looking to broaden your familiarity with the diversity of Middle Eastern cuisine, head over to Ararat, Amman’s leading Armenian restaurant. Uncluttered and well-presented, the restaurant’s aesthetic won’t disappoint, and neither will the food. The famous “Armenian pizza” or lahmajoun (a dough base topped with minced meat and vegetables) is an absolute must-try for its authentic, homemade flavors. Everything is fresh, and it’s centrally located on Rainbow Street.

Opening hours: 11am-11:45pm

Address: 41 Rainbow Street, Amman. +962 6 460 1097

Falafel Al Quds

The best value meal you’ll find in all of Amman, Falafel Al Quds will serve you up an unquestionably delicious falafel sandwich for the bargain price of half a dinar. An Ammani institution, located in the heart of Rainbow Street, this quick eatery is understandably popular among falafel lovers. No frills and no nonsense, many customers swear it’s the best meal they’ve ever had. The usual array of soft drinks are available to complement your meal.

Opening hours: Open til late

Address: Rainbow Street, Amman.