The Most Underrated Foodie Destinations in the World

Forget Italy, Mexico and Greece, weve got some fresh foodie destinations waiting to be discovered
Forget Italy, Mexico and Greece, we've got some fresh foodie destinations waiting to be discovered | Masha Koko / Unsplash
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Food travel is as popular as ever, but many of the world’s most famously delicious destinations have been spoken about ad infinitum, so we wanted to take a look at some of the more underrated vacation spots on the foodie map.

We all love a food tour in Italy or a unique Japanese dining experience, but it’s no news that these countries have great culinary tradition. Here at Culture Trip food plays a big part in everything we do. Our immersive, authentic trips place great value on the importance of local grub in bringing you closer to your destination, its history, culture and people. From cooking classes in family homes to market visits and street food tours, our trips have always got a tasty snack or two up their sleeves. We also place great value on discovering the undiscovered and introducing Culture Trippers to new, fresh travel ideas. So here’s our selection of tasty tours in the world’s most underrated culinary destinations – perfect for all you foodie travellers out there.

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Person cutting into khachapuri cheese bread in Georgia

Georgia, for incredible bread and ancient wine traditions

If Jordan is up-and-coming on the wine scene, Georgia is the ultimate OG. This off-the-beaten-path country, high in the Caucasus Mountains, is known as ‘the cradle of wine’, with experts believing it’s the oldest wine-producing nation on Earth. Our nine-day itinerary places a huge emphasis on food and drink, starting with a traditional Georgian lunch of khachapuri – a scrumptious cheese-filled bread – in Tbilisi. On day three we’ll head to the largest market in Georgia, a cornucopia of fresh fruit, pickles and spices. We’ll be met there by a local chef who’ll give a guided tour of the market, purchasing the ingredients required for a cooking class back at her home. The wine experience kicks in on day four, when we’ll take a qvevri workshop to learn about ancient underground fermentation techniques, and have a wine-accompanied lunch with a traditional toastmaster. You’ll also get to visit a local family for home-baked bread and churchkhela, a sausage-shaped sweet mate from nuts and thickened grape juice. On day five, after a day hiking in the stunning Lagodekhi National Park, you’ll have a scenic picnic lunch and go for a well-earned post-hike tasting session at a local winery.

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