Top 10 Things To Do And See In Cappadocia, Turkey

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9 February 2017

One of the crowning historical jewels in Turkey, you can be sure to become instantly enchanted with the wealth of history and culture available to you here! From crumbling ruins, museums, and famous landmarks, to marveling at the natural, untouched landscape, Cappadocia is every intrepid explorer’s dream.

Goreme National Park, Cappadocia | © Mbz1/WikiCommons

Goreme National Park

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If you want to make the very most of your visit to Goreme National Park, be sure to arrive as early as possible. This entire park has an exquisite collection of old churches, caves and other monuments for you to freely explore. It is highly recommended that you either buy a guidebook or sign up for one of the tours that lead you around the entire historical site.

Cappadocia Cave Dwellings

Bearing an odd resemblance to ‘Helms Deep’ from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Cappadocia is the city of caves. There are many dwelling situated through out the city that inspire awe in all those who look upon them. Some of the dwellings that you can explore are entire whilst others are churches, carved and painted museums, homes and even hotels!

Cappadocia Cave Dwellings | © Brocken Inaglory/WikiCommons

Butterfly Balloons

The other thing that Cappadocia is famous for is its hot air balloons. There are many companies in the area that offer the breathtaking opportunity to drift over the mountains and valleys but Butterfly Balloons is the most universally popular. The staff are all incredibly experienced professionals who are committed to giving you the most safe and enjoyable experience possible. If possible, definitely try to schedule your trip for sunrise or sunset to truly bask in the panoramas below.

Butterfly Balloons, Uzundere Cad No29, Goreme, Turkey, +90 384 271 3010

Gift Shops

There are many high quality gift shops in the area showcasing handcrafted local souvenirs for you to remember your time in Cappadocia. From postcards, to jewelry, to the infamous blue glass eye or ‘göz’ that you can find adorning many items in Turkey. Don’t hesitate to find that special item that will bring a taste of Turkey back home with you.

The traditional ‘Nazar’ amulet or ‘Göz’ (eye) | © FocalPoint/WikiCommons

Derinkuyu Underground City

It consists of over eight floors of carved, underground rock and is believed to at one time have house 20,000 people, but today it is open for public viewing. The purpose of this elaborate underground community is though to have been as shelter from invaders and many centuries later, you can tour through churches, meeting rooms, store rooms, and all of the other essential spaces that aided the running of this long gone civilization.

Derinkuyu Merkez, Derinkuyu, Turkey, +90-384-213-42-60

Selime Monastery

At first indistinguishable from the mountains, the Selime Monastery is yet another building cleverly carved out of volcanic rock, concealing its true nature within. This house of worship still contains many of the relics that were used in the original services. There are also many ancient murals on the walls and so for the spiritual or the secular this is a fascinating stop not to be missed.

Rose Valley

As the name suggests, the Rose Valley is a vast and stony valley that extends as far as the eye can see. It is ideal for taking awesome photographs and gives you an insight into the variety of climates that Turkey is home to. Amazingly, you can also find a tiny café out there, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, that is powered exclusively by solar power so you can stop for a bite to eat as well.

Rose Valley | © Benh LIEU SONG/WikiCommons

Uchisar Castle

The main appeal of this attraction is the views that it offers out across all of Cappadocia. It is only when up at the castle that one gains an appreciation, not only for the Turkish craftsmanship of past and present, but of the natural geography upon which the settlers of old decided to build.

Fairy Chimneys

Have your breath taken by these incredible natural rock formations. The rocks have eroded in this visually intriguing way due to volcanic erosion and then being shaped by the wind and rain. There are many folk tales surrounding the origin and the meaning of these rocks that have been handed down and that your tour guide will share with you.

Fairy Chimneys | © Wolfgang Moroder/WikiCommons


The last item on our countdown is another natural curiosity and landmark. The most popular site to see ‘fairy chimneys’, rock formations, indigenous flora and fauna to the area and bask in Turkey’s wonderful weather. Pasabag is a great destination for a short visit but we would nevertheless recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes. Turkey is not a terrain best explored in flip flops.

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