11 Places for Some Mouthwatering Desserts in Ankara, Turkey

Baklava | © LYYang / Flickr
Baklava | © LYYang / Flickr
Turkey’s rich array of desserts means that Ankara has a lot of venues when it comes to such varieties of saccharine bliss. From baklava to Turkish candy, milk desserts to some international favorites, Culture Trip chose the best places to get your dessert on in Ankara.

Liva Pastanesi

One of Ankara’s most well-known patisseries makes everything imaginable from chocolates to cakes, Turkish milk desserts to ice cream and much more. One delicious option is Liva’s mille-feuille (thin puff pastry layers with pastry cream) filled with strawberries.

Liva Pastanesi, Farabi Sokak No.12, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

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Ali Uzun Şekercilik

Ali Uzun Şekercilik is the best place in Ankara to get your hands on some Turkish candies and lokum (Turkish Delight). Make sure to try the akide şekeri (hard candy) with flavors such as mint, strawberry, hazelnut, and cinnamon.

Ali Uzun Şekercilik, Sakarya Caddesi, İnkilap Sokak No.13, Kızılay/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 435 44 94

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Hacıbaba Baklava

One of the best places in Ankara to get some mouthwatering baklava, Hacıbaba has been around since 1949. The traditional baklava is filled with pistachio, but sometimes walnut can be a good, and tasty, change.

Hacıbaba Baklava, Necatibey Cad. No: 20/D Sıhhiye, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 229 47 09

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Turkish milk desserts are wide and varied, but Zeynel is the best place to taste them in their perfect state. Ankara’s locals would definitely recommend the tavukgöğsu (thick pudding with thin slices of chicken breast) and kazandibi (thick pudding with a caramelized, slightly burnt top).

Zeynel, Tunus Cd. No. 90/B, Kavaklıdere, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 466 19 19

Hatun Pastanesi

One of the oldest surviving patisseries in Ankara, Hatun Pastanesi hasn’t changed much over the years, especially their excellent pastries. In the summer, Hatun is the best place to drink lemonade and eat their wonderful homemade ice cream.

Hatun Pastanesi, Gaziosmanpaşa Mahallesi, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 436 25 11

Şanlı Burma Tatlıcısı

As the name suggests, this is the place in Ankara to eat the best burma kadayıf (shredded crispy pastry filled with pistachio). The dessert is served with a side of thick Turkish ice cream for a heavenly Turkish dessert experience.

Şanlı Burma Tatlıcısı, Emek Mahallesi, Kazakistan Caddesi, No 94, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 285 59 36

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Even though Düveroğlu is known for its excellent kebab varieties, it is also the baklava from Gaziantep that has become a favorite among locals. If you go here for lunch or dinner, make sure to leave some room for dessert.

Düveroğlu, Ümitköy Mahallesi, 2432. Cadde (8. Cadde), No 113, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 229 79 38

Baklavacı Karagöz

Karagöz has been serving up excellent baklava for years, but the shop’s real claim to fame is its sültü nuriye (a type of baklava made with milk instead of syrup). If you’re one of those people who thinks baklava is too sweet, the nuriye will taste just right.

Baklavacı Karagöz, Kızılay Mahallesi, Sakarya Cad. 22/E, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 432 23 41

Urfalı Hoca’nın Yeri

This inconspicuous shop that specializes in içli köfte (fried bulgur balls filled with minced meat) and çiğ köfte (köfte made with lentils, bulgur, and pepper paste) has a big secret: their künefe (cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup). It is amazing and a must-try while in Ankara.

Urfalı Hoca’nın Yeri, Aşağı Eğlence Mahallesi, Keçiören/Ankara, Turkey, +90 312 326 27 41

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