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The Best Restaurants In Naples, Italy

The Best Restaurants In Naples, Italy

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The southern Italian city of Naples dates back to the 2BC. Famous for its architecture and southern Italian style, this beautiful city is also well worth a trip for its food. The Culture Trip looks beyond just pizza and pasta and picks the best local restaurants Naples has to offer.

Da Cicciotto

Da Cicciotto is a beautiful little restaurant located in the small village of Marechiaro. Its sits atop a small cliff with great views, and part of the restaurant is actually carved into the cliff face. Alongside the impressive architecture and location, Da Cicciotto is also renowned for its food and serves a wonderful array of seafood and other dishes. Try delicacies such as courgette flowers stuffed with ricotta cheese or pacchetti pasta served with local crab.


Calata Ponticello a Marechiar, 32, Naples, Italy +39 081 575 1165

Palazza Petrucci

Opened in 2007, Palazza Petrucci has become a well-known establishment within Naples. Located only a short distance from the San Domenico Maggiore church this restaurant is centrally situated and perfect for those who wish to eat in the bustling heart of Naples. Courses are based on traditional Neapolitan dishes with a focus on fresh local produce. The menu boast favourites such as risotto with clams, and apricot lamb served with pecorino cheese and mint. As expected, pizza and pasta make an appearance, and some say they are the best in Naples.


Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, 4, Naples, Italy +39 081 552 4068

Da Michele

Naples is famous for its pizza, and Da Michele serves some of the best. Opened in 1906, this restaurant was established by the Condurro family and still belongs to them today. Shrouded with a deep family history, it is described as ‘the sacred temple of pizza’, and has spent generations perfecting the art while paying homage to Italian tradition. A true taste of Naples.


Via Cesare Sersale, 1/3, Naples, Italy +39 081 553 9204

L’ebbrezza di Noé

L’ebbrezza di Noé is a wine shop during the day and restaurant by night. No surprise, therefore, that it has one of the best wine menus in the city. Guests can choose from a large selection of dishes including eggplant rolls and a delicious range of appetisers. The atmosphere is traditional with a modern twist, bringing the best of Neapolitan cuisine into contemporary Italian tastes.

Vicolo Vetriera, Naples, Italy +39 081400104

Da Giona

Specialising in seafood, Da Giona pairs coastal views with fresh, simple cuisine. Situated on the beach, it has peaceful views of Procida and Ischia. Fresh, local ingredients are expertly concocted into seasonal dishes which highlight the tastes and traditions of the region. Try the spaghetti with clams, the antipasto misto, or the restaurant’s specialty, fried trawler. There is nothing better than eating a beautiful dish whilst admiring the wonderful views of Naples. This restaurant is a must visit.

Via Dragonara, 6, Bacoli, Naples, Italy +39 081 523 4659