Where To Eat Sushi In Washington, D.C.

© eyefullfood/Flickr
© eyefullfood/Flickr
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15 November 2016

Washington, D.C. is a hub for international cuisine, courtesy of a high immigrant population. Here’s where to taste sushi around the District for a variety of experiences.


You’ve probably had a Chipotle burrito before, y’know, the 3 pound food mass that customers cradle like an infant. But, did you ever think how awesome it would be with sushi instead? Enter Burredo. It’s a *drum roll please* sushi burrito. The concept is similar — you pick your insides, they roll it all up in seaweed wrap and then you eat it. Try not to cry with sheer bliss.

Buredo, 825 14th St NW, Washington, D.C., USA +1 202 289 0033


The sushi at Raku is as decadent as its cocktails. A rosewater cocktail with vodka will definitively be the most heavenly, airy flavor to ever meet your tastebuds. The fresh, rich fish will leave you singing its praises, but it’s hard to choose just one selection. Luckily, Raku offers sushi boxes that contain ‘a little bit of everything’ to allow you to try around six to eight different types of fish. The interior is modern, representing Asian fusion, and the professional service also delights. An all around perfect sushi experience is guaranteed here for a moderate price.

Raku, 3312 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, D.C., USA +1 202 244 7258


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Perry's Restaurant, Washington
Perry's Restaurant, Washington | © Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr
Perry’s tuna tartare is life changing, and that’s only a slight exaggeration. The decadently rich, perfectly raw meat melts on your tongue, and the stellar presentation will leave you dreaming about dead fish for months to come. The dish is accompanied with light, perfectly salted rice cakes to add balance and a crispier texture. Everything else on the menu is great, and the rooftop, fairy-lit ambiance makes for a wonderful atmosphere.

Sushi Para

Come here with an empty stomach. Four dangerous words run true here: all you can east sushi. For a $20 flat fee, order as many rounds of sushi as you desire. If you order enough, your meal comes in a trendy wooden boat, transporting the dead fish. Irony? Be careful with your ambitions though; you get charged extra for every piece you order but can’t manage to finish. The quality of the sushi isn’t stupendous, so come here hungry with mediocre expectations.

Sushi Para, 4221 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, D.C., USA +1 202 237 8777

we're gonna need a bigger boat …

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Sushi Taro

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Sushi Taro offers fine Japanese dining | © Daniel Lobo / Flickr
This authentic sushi restaurant, situated near Dupont Circle, reliably provides sushi of the highest quality. The seasonal menu changes monthly, while a separate a la carte selection varies weekly. The fine dining experience begins with Jasmine scented hand/face towels and a palette cleanser. Dinner service is pricey, and reservations are needed a month in advance, but they have a more casual, affordable lunchtime service along with bento boxes to-go. If you opt for the complete experience by sitting at the Omakese counter, you’ll enjoy rare options, tastings of a variety of fish and personal service with the chef — for a minimum of $140.