The Best Restaurants In & Around Union Station

Union Station | ©Thomas Hawk/Flickr
Union Station | ©Thomas Hawk/Flickr
Photo of Kate McMahon
9 February 2017

D.C.’s bustling Union Station receives 90,000 visitors each day. Its location in the business district and proximity to the Capitol Building makes for many hungry staffers with mouths to feed in the area. Combined with the incoming floods of arriving tourists, there’s endless people trying to eat here, and a myriad of options to meet their demands. Read on to discover the best restaurants in and around Union Station, one of D.C.’s most popular destinations.

Shake Shack

This New York burger joint is the east coast’s version of In-And-Out Burger; it’s not just a burger, but a lifestyle. The Union Station store’s added breakfast menu is a hit with commuters, weary from long train rides, wanting to a grab a bite to eat on the way to their 9-5’s. The simple egg and cheese sandwich is just right, and maybe try pairing it with a refreshing black and white milkshake.

Located within Union Station.

Union Station, 50 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, D.C., USA +1 800 872 7245

Toscana Café

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This quaint Italian eatery comes complete with a large patio for the ultimate Tuscany ambiance. A brief walk from Union Station, this café offers classic Italian dishes and endless carbs — and counting carbs is so early 2000’s, anyways. If you’re ready to indulge in some delicious Italian food, be sure to try the bruschetta and stuffed figs.

Located half a mile walk from Union Station.


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This beloved neighborhood Indian restaurant delights customers with authentic cuisine that’s prepared just right. This casual eatery is a lunch dream for those seeking something a little more exotic than a burger, but still have a big appetite that needs to be quenched. The tikka masala is stupendous, as is the curry. The portion sizes are large, which is typical of Indian dishes, but are always comprised of fresh, healthy ingredients.

Located half a mile walk from Union Station.

Bold Bite

This Bethesda-based burger joint packs a dynamic punch. The local fare is loaded with toppings and looks aesthetically dreaming — every menu item is colorful, appetizing and guaranteed to keep you full. The unique flavors Bold Bite offers may be a little exotic for your palette (or your cholesterol), but it also offers classic homemade donuts.

Located in Union Station.

Union Station, 50 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, D.C., USA +1 800 872 7245


© Courtesy of Bold Bite

Café Berlin

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Cafe Berlin At Christmas Time
Cafe Berlin At Christmas Time | F. Delventhal/Flickr
For such an international hub, it’s hard to find authentic German fare within District limits. However, Café Berlin, situated on Capitol Hill, offers Wienerschnitzel, freshly baked artisan breads and a wide variety of German dishes that most Americans wouldn’t recognize; your belly will be hearty and happy upon departure.

Located a 0.4 mile walk from Union Station.