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The Landsdowne Pub | ©  Dennis Yang / Flickr
The Landsdowne Pub | © Dennis Yang / Flickr

Boston's 10 Most Popular Night Clubs

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Updated: 9 February 2017

Though it’s sometimes mocked for how its clubs and bars must all close at 2am and that the T doesn’t run past 12:30am, there is still plenty of fun to be had in Boston’s vibrant nightlife. Bostonians simply get started a little earlier – the city still holds on to some of its Puritan roots. (The only transit option past midnight is a cab or ride-share service.) Head out early, and dance the night away at one of Boston ‘s 10 most popular nightclubs!

The Landsdowne Pub

The Landsdowne Pub is a popular spot in the heart of Fenway. On the weekends, this Irish bar has live music and a dancing scene. Those who aren’t looking to hang and dance to cover songs can pop through the connected Bill’s bar to dance to top pop hits. This bar is always busy, lively, and dependable for a fun night out dancing.

The Landsdowne Pub, 9 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 247 1222

The Landsdowne Pub | © Dennis Yang / Flickr

The Landsdowne Pub | © Dennis Yang / Flickr

Howl at the Moon

Howl at the Moon is located in Boston’s Financial District. The bar features a live band – the Dueling Piano Cover Band – and plays live shows every night of the week. The dancing really gets going on Friday and Saturday nights. Pay a small cover to enjoy fun cocktails and dance the night away (confident dancers can even jump on stage to show off their moves). Song requests are welcomed. The bar is also connected to Down Ultra Lounge downstairs if you’re in the mood for DJ music.

Howl at the Moon, 184 High St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 292 4695

Howl at the Moon | © Kenneth Hagemeyer / Flickr

Howl at the Moon | © Kenneth Hagemeyer / Flickr

Ned Devine’s

Ned Devine’s is located in Faneuil Hall, making it a top hotspot for dancing in downtown Boston. This Irish Pub transforms on weekend nights into a prime destination for visitors and tourists, though locals go out here just as much. Ned Devine’s has multiple bars in its spacious second-floor spot of Faneuil Hall.

Ned Devine’s, 1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 248 8800

Faneuil Hall | © Andy / Flickr

Faneuil Hall | © Andy / Flickr

Whiskey Saigon

Whiskey Saigon is an upscale, luxurious nightclub in downtown Boston in the Theater District, popular with foreigners. The club has an excellent sound system and cool special effects.

Whiskey Saigon, 116 Boylston St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 482 7799


Royale is a high-end, spacious multilevel club that often has concerts. After shows, it becomes a lively nightclub with crowds for DJs and dancing. Crowds dress trendy, and the atmosphere is more upscale than other nightclubs in Boston. There are even dancers who perform along with the DJ.

Royale, 279 Tremont St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 338 7699

Ascend Nightclub

Ascend Nightclub is a hotspot for EDM lovers. Ascend focuses on forward-thinking music and top DJs – and stays away from the pop that saturates most nightlife.

Ascend Nightclub, 295 Franklin St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 963 4511

The Bell in Hand Tavern

The Bell in Hand Tavern is America’s oldest tavern. The pub serves great food, and the tavern turns into a buzzing dance hub at night. Visitors can listen to a live band at the bar downstairs, or they can dance to top hits upstairs for a more club-like vibe.

The Bell in Hand Tavern, 45 Union St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 227 2098

The Bell in Hand Tavern | © Aaron / Flickr

The Bell in Hand Tavern | © Aaron / Flickr

Bijou Nightclub

This sleek nightclub is located in downtown Boston, not far from the Boston Common. Bijou Nightclub is set in a former theater from 1882  and often hosts international DJs. There is great music for a hip-hop crowd looking to get their moves on.

Bijou Nightclub, 51 Stuart St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 357 4565

Cure Lounge

Cure Lounge nightclub has plenty of DJs and dance music. The lounge always draws a big crowd in a historic theater basement. Be sure to check their event calendar to see what DJ is on set for the night.

Cure Lounge, 246 Tremont St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 482 4475

The Brahmin

The Brahmin is located in Boston’s Back Bay. This classy cocktail bar is in a building that evokes a 1900s brownstone, with lounge-style couches and tables. It has dancing on the main floor at night as well as another dance floor with a bar and DJ downstairs.

The Brahmin, 33 Stanhope St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 723 3131