Happy Place is the Pop-Up Made to Make You Smile

Happy Place, Los Angeles
Happy Place, Los Angeles | © Kayleigh Roberts / Culture Trip

This fun house will lift your spirits—and your Instagram.

Happy Place is the latest pop-up that is geared toward visual stimulation. The Los Angeles funhouse is on a quite literally happy mission—artfully crafted to uplift your spirits and paint your Instagram with likes. But, let’s be clear—this is not a social media stunt. Or, at least, it’s not just for social media. Jared Paul, the visionary creator behind Happy Place, opened the pop-up with a simple but kind of revolutionary goal in mind: to make people smile.

“I want to live and raise my children in a world surrounded by what makes us happy,” Paul said in a news release. “With the amount of unfortunate events happening recently, I believe that our world as a whole can use more happiness.”

That’s it—Happy Place’s number one goal is to give its guests a brief reprieve from the worries of the outside world (although not that brief—the entire experience lasts about an hour, which is a healthy dose of serotonin for anyone’s day). The pop-up relocated from its original Los Angeles location in the Arts District to the event deck of L.A. Live and is running from now through May 27th, seven days a week. A sister pop-up is scheduled to open in Chicago this summer.

The construction of the project is essentially set up for a series of photo ops. Happy Place doesn’t just allow cameras, it encourages them. Guests are invited to bring not just cellphones, but DSLRs, for more serious photographers (note that selfie sticks and tripods are both on the pop-up’s banned items list, but Happy Place’s staff is, well, happy to help take pictures when a standard selfie just won’t do).

Perhaps the only unhappy component to the Happy Place exhibit is that pure joy comes at a price. Ticket price admission starts at $28.50 on weekdays and $35 on weekends, but the price tag includes an hour of access and tasty treats throughout. Some of those include Happy Place-branded M&Ms, cake pops, and lemonade, along with additional magical treats available for purchase, like rainbow grilled cheese, unicorn sundaes, and green tea sundaes.

Some of the rooms inside Happy Place include a floating field of marigolds, a living snow globe of confetti, a yellow bath tub surrounded by wall-to-wall rubber duckies, and an upside down bedroom set.

Happy Place offers time-slotted tickets to space out guests and ensure that everyone’s experience is maximized and wholly fulfilling. Guests should keep in mind that tickets are void after the assigned time slot though, so timeliness is, in this case, the key to happiness.