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© Ashton / Flickr

The 7 Best Pancake Restaurants In Amsterdam

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Updated: 27 October 2017
Everyone loves pancakes. They are delicious, simple treats that can be paired with almost anything. The Dutch are no strangers to their charms and have developed a distinctive flat, fluffy variety of pancake, usually topped with powdered sugar or whipped cream. While these traditional pancakes can be found throughout the Netherlands, Amsterdam has something of a wider palate and is home to a number of restaurants that cater to international tastes. To help whet your appetite, here’s seven of the best pancake houses in the city.



The Pannenkoekenboot will take you on a tour of the river Ij while you tuck into a stack of pancakes. The boat docks in NDSM wharf and takes a 75-minute trip along Amsterdam’s waterfront. An endless supply of pancakes is served throughout the cruise and guests are encouraged to eat as many as they can. Tickets are available from Pannenkoeokenboot’s website or on the boat’s deck.

Ms. van Riemsdijkweg, 1033 RD Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 20 636 8817

Pannenkoekenboot | © bert knottenbeld / Flickr

Pannenkoekenboot | © bert knottenbeld/Flickr

Bakers & Roasters

Bakers & Roasters is a New Zealand-styled brunch joint in the heart of de Pijp. The restaurant’s lunch menu has become legendary in Amsterdam and constantly receives rave reviews from food bloggers. Undoubtedly, its pièce de résistance is its American-style pancake stack, garnished with a side of bacon and a generous glug of Canadian maple syrup. Bakers & Roasters also knows its coffee and employ a team of skilled baristas who can whip up an impressive flat white.

Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54, 1072 BH Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 20 772 2627

Bakers & Roasters has some of the best coffee in Amsterdam | © Evan Goldenberg / Flickr

Bakers & Roasters has some of the best coffee in Amsterdam | © Evan Goldenberg/Flickr

De Carrousel Pannenkoeken

De Carousel Pannenkoeken is an icon among dessert aficionados. The restaurant is built inside of an old fashioned carousel a few meters away from the Heineken Experience. Several varieties of pancakes are on offer alongside fresh Belgian waffles. Many locals consider De Caroussel’s poffertjes (small fluffy pancakes) to be the best in Amsterdam and are especially tasty next to a mug of hot Chocomel.

H.M. van Randwijkplantsoen 1, 1017 ZW Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 20 625 8002

Pancakes from De Carrousel Pannenkoekenhuis | © browpau / Flickr

Pancakes from De Carrousel Pannenkoekenhuis | © browpau/Flickr

Pancakes Amsterdam

Pancakes Amsterdam likes to experiment with their menu, combining traditional Dutch recipes with internationally sourced ingredients. The restaurant serves flat pancakes with a variety of interesting toppings, including guacamole and smoked salmon. American and Italian pancakes are also on offer, as well as full plates of poffertjes. Pancakes Amsterdam is located in 3 different locations around Amsterdam.

Berenstraat 38, 1016GH Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 (0) 20 528 9797

Prins Hendrikkade 48EN, Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 (0) 20 820 42040

A bacon pancake at Pancakes! | © Guilhem Vellut / Flickr

A bacon pancake at Pancakes! | © Guilhem Vellut/Flickr

Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis

This pancake house is a real treasure hidden in the center of Amsterdam. The restaurant is part of a 16th-century town house located just outside of the Red Light District. To access, the restaurant guests have to climb up a flight of particularly narrow stairs that lead into the pancake house’s tiny dining room. There’re only four tables inside, so it’s advisable to book seats before arriving. Several varieties of pancakes are available and all of Upstairs’ ingredients are organic, and many are locally sourced.

Grimburgwal 2, 1012 GA Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 20 626 5603

The Pannenkoekenhuis's famous stairs | © Omid Tavalllai / Flickr

The Pannenkoekenhuis’s infamous stairs | © Omid Tavalllai/Flickr

Japanese Pancake World

In Japan, pancakes are served throughout the day and can be eaten as a side dish, or a main course. Usually these treats are savory and topped with meat or vegetables. Japanese Pancake World serves Osaka, Nagasaki and Negi-yaki styled pancakes, each of which are prepared in an unique way and garnished with specific ingredients. This restaurant is a few minutes away from Anne Frank house and just outside of De Jordaan.

Tweede Egelantiersdwarsstraat 24a, 1015 SC Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 320 4447


Japanese Pancake World serves wasabi with its main dishes | © Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

Lunchroom Downtown

As the first openly gay café in Amsterdam, Lunchroom Downtown is steeped in history. The café opened in 1970 and quickly grew into a meeting place for the LGBT community. Today Lunchroom Downtown continues to welcome thousands of guests and is known as one of the best spots in Amsterdam to pick up freshly cooked pancakes. The café has a fine selection of pancakes as well as an extensive breakfast menu.

Reguliersdwarsstraat 31, 1017 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 20 789 0554

Lunchroom Downtown also serves full English breakfast | © Eddy Milford / Flickr

Lunchroom Downtown also serves full English breakfast | © Eddy Milford/Flickr