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Stroopwafels | © Takeaway / WikiCommons
Stroopwafels | © Takeaway / WikiCommons

12 Foods You Must Try in Amsterdam

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Updated: 30 September 2017

There’s some seriously mouthwatering Dutch delicacies on offer in Amsterdam including several famous and slightly peculiar staples such as pickled herring or bitterballen as well as less well known treats like creamy tompouce or salty liquorice. Read on to discover 12 foods everyone should try in Amsterdam.


Even though these black, liquorice candies share many traits with other similar sweets from around the world Dutch drops are often laced with salmiak, a rather puzzling ingredient that tastes like moreish salt water. 


These delicious spiced cookies are usually eaten around Christmas in the Netherlands and seemingly contain every spice associated with the festive season, including nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.

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Patatje Oorlog

Patatje Oorlog is a classic fast-food dish that consists of a bed of French fries topped with mayonnaise and peanut saté sauce. This unusual dish is sold at snack bars throughout Amsterdam and is incredibly popular among residents.

Patat oorlog with a kroket | © David Huang / Flickr

Frikendal Speciaal

Another snack bar classic, Frikandaal special consists of a long, skinless sausage, served with raw onions, curry ketchup and mayonnaise. Sometimes it’s even served with miniature Dutch flags!

Bossche Bollen

These cream, filled chocolate covered fist-sized profiterole are very popular in the Netherlands and available from bakeries and supermarkets throughout Amsterdam.


Despite being almost impossible to eat without making a giant mess, these layered, cream filled pastries look and taste amazing. Try one with an extra dollop of whipped cream for a real treat.

© Algont / WikiCommons

Soused Herring

Yes, Dutch herring is raw, funny looking and kinda smelly, but damn does it taste good (especially with raw onions). Want to eat these little fish the Dutch way? Then grab them by the tail and then lower them vertically into your mouth.


Every heard of Amsterdam’s notorious vending machine fast food restaurants? Well, despite looking like something from a dystopian future they are great and might even serve the best kroket in town – a deep-fried, cylinder of molten meat that tastes super lekker with fries.

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Although these circular, syrup filled wafels are available at basically every supermarket in Amsterdam, nothing beats eating fresh stroopwafels. Thankfully there’s several old-school stroopwafel stands at markets around Amsterdam including Albert Cuypmarkt, Dappermarkt and Noordermarkt.

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Bitterballen are the quintessential bar snack in the Netherlands and are served at hundreds of pubs around Amsterdam. Much like other Dutch bar snacks these deep-fried meatballs are particularly tasty after a couple of pints and were seemingly designed to stave off the severe beer munchies.

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Rijstafel is a large meal served mainly at Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam that features numerous small sides like egg rolls, pickles, satays and cooked vegetables alongside a variety of rice based dishes. Eating a good rijstafel with friends or family is always a treat, especially at more high-end restaurants.

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Roti served with fiery curry, potatoes and yard beans is among the most popular takeout meals in the Netherlands. These delicious flat breads are available at canteen throughout the city and often contain tasty, homemade sambal, a super spicy condiment made from crushed chilli peppers.