Meet Berlin Street Photographer Martin Waltz

Photo of Lily Cichanowicz
16 December 2016

Martin Waltz is a Berlin street photographer who aims to capture the mundanity of daily life in urban spaces. In doing so, his work often reveals the unusual. His photography is black & white and expertly contrasted. For Waltz, street photography is a passion first and foremost, and his has been met with international accolade.

© Martin Waltz

What is the most unusual subject you’ve photographed in Berlin?

Actually, I do not look for the unusual. I’m more interested in the mundane and the ordinary. The combination of ordinary things can become quite unusual, though. But to answer the question: the two selfie shooting models were certainly unusual. As was the rundown American vintage car right next to the Berlin Wall.

© Martin Waltz

What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into the business?

Maybe that this is not so much a business, as in money making. It is a passion. Street photography is basically a way of communicating observations.

Where will you like to photograph next? What kind of planning goes in to street photography?

Places I will go this year beyond Berlin: Rhetymno, Crete and Krakow, Poland. Actually, there is very little planning involved. Basically grabbing the camera and leaving the house. Sometimes I have an idea where to go. Sometimes it is purely random.

© Martin Waltz

What is your dream project?

My dream project is what I do, documenting the contemporary Berlin.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People with backpacks, looks terrible in real life and looks terrible in photography. People, if you read this, please go for totes, you’ll look great, trust me. Thank you.

How would you describe your work in 80 characters?

Gritty, analytical, poetic. Somebody said: sublime melancholy at the dark side.

© Martin Waltz

Pasta or sushi? Sushi

Apple or android? Apple and android

Picasso or Matisse? Picasso, but for my wall: Matisse.

Fame or money? Money

Morning or night? Morning, a long siesta, night.

Train or plane? Train

© Martin Waltz

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