Bangkok's Quirky Themed Restaurants You Have To Try

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9 February 2017

Those looking for a truly unique dining experience should look no further than the city of Bangkok. The capital of the Land of Smiles has so many strange, top attractions visitors can enjoy, and dining is no exception. Take a look at our favorite quirky themed restaurants in Bangkok you have to try before leaving the City of Angels.

Unicorn Cafe

Cafe, American, Dessert, $$$
My Little Ponies
Surround yourself with unicorns, My Little Ponies, and other whimsies at Unicorn Cafe | © Mary Bliss / Flickr

Unicorn lovers need this cafe in their lives. Unicorn Cafe, as the name suggests, is an entire food and drink establishment dedicated to one thing: unicorns. This whimsical eatery is decked out head to toe in all things unicorn, including unicorn-themed wallpaper, stuffed animals, and more. There are even onesies available for those restaurant-goers who want to embrace their inner mythical animal.The decor is overwhelming at first, with pastel colors and crazy, unicorn-inspired patterns covering both the floor and the ceiling. The Instagram-worthy food here matches the theme as well, with rainbow-colored cakes and eccentric drinks to choose from.

Caturday Café

Cafe, American, Dessert, $$$
Cats at Caturday Cat Cafe
Sit down for dessert, a drink, or a meal with these little cuties at Caturday Cat Cafe | © Caturday Cat Cafe

Crazy cat people will want to grab their cameras and head for Caturday Café. From angry looking cats to felines so sweet you will want to sneak them into a to-go bag, there is no shortage of kitties in this quaint cafe. It’s located conveniently off the BTS Skytrain station Ratchathewi, so cat-lovers will have no problem finding this feline heaven.


The Rome Restaurant

Restaurant, Thai, Seafood
Dining in Italy right in the heart of Bangkok | © The Rome Restaurant
Rome, Italy might not be on your itinerary of cities to visit while traveling Southeast Asia. This restaurant in Bangkok is offering hopeful visitors of Italy the next best thing though: extravagant Rome decor. The Rome Restaurant in Bangkok is somehow elegant yet goofy, as restaurant-goers are surrounded by high-rise Rome lookalike structures. The best time to visit this restaurant is in the evening when colorful lights are turned on along the entire length of the venue, making the pool glow and the structures seem immeasurably more graceful.

Hajime Robot Restaurant

Restaurant, Japanese, $$$
Hajime Robot, Bangkok
Hajime Robot, Bangkok

Many people are under the impression that robots will slowly take over the world. While this may not necessarily be true, we are already seeing these metallic, wannabe human beings take over, at least, the culinary world. Hajime Robot Restaurant is one place people do not have to be afraid of when it comes to these futuristic inventions. This Japanese restaurant has customers actually served by robots. In addition to the impeccable, futuristic service, Hajime Robot Restaurant also has a plethora of delicious Japanese food.


Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok

Cafe, American, Thai, $$$
Coffee with Hello Kitty design
How about a Hello Kitty coffee? | © Tomohiro Ohtake / Flickr

What is pink and cute and has cats all over? The Sanrio Hello Kitty House in Bangkok. Hello Kitty has taken over this coffee, dessert, and food restaurant, with enough cute cuisine combinations to make almost anyone squeal in delight. Every aspect of this establishment is decked out with the famous cartoon, from the coffee cups to the actual coffee. If this character has won your heart, so will Sanrio Hello Kitty House in Bangkok.


Little Zoo Café

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Thai, $$$

This two-storey petting zoo houses a plethora of seemingly strange animals. Whether you want to take a raccoon-riddled selfie or hold a chinchilla, this is the cafe for you. All of the enclosures are made from (very strong) glass, so customers can eat and watch as the animals play in their maze of housing. The cafe serves lunch for when you’re hungry, and coffee for when you’re not.

Cabbages & Condoms

Restaurant, Thai, $$$

Prepare to dine on the safest food money can buy at Cabbages & Condoms. This condom-themed restaurant guarantees its customers that the food here will not cause pregnancy … well, we would certainly hope not. But there is actually a lot more going on behind the scenes. In addition to the seemingly hilarious decor, with everything from lampshades to mannequins sheltered in latex, this restaurant is a huge supporter of multiple foundations and development programs across Thailand. From safe sex to schooling, Cabbages & Condoms does a lot more than just serve up delicious food and get a few chuckles out of restaurant-goers: it is also making a difference across the country.


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