Bangkok's Most Outrageous Desserts

Popsicles Courtesy of Kelly Iverson
Popsicles Courtesy of Kelly Iverson
Photo of Kelly Iverson
23 November 2016

Bangkok might have a dark underbelly, but this city is still somehow incredibly sweet … food wise, that is. Bring your appetite and prepare your sweet tooth for the city’s most outrageous desserts.

Vegan Mango Cheese Toast At Veganerie

Desserts that are vegan-friendly are a rare find, let alone in Bangkok. That is why Veganerie’s fresh take on this awesome dietary need has us wanting to devour all of their desserts. The most outrageous of its never-ending list of vegan dessert delights is their vegan mango cheese toast. Combining bread with mango in the Big Mango is a bold move, but it somehow just works!

Lemon Meringue Tart at Yellow Spoon Pastry

The lemon meringue tart presented by Yellow Spoon Pastry is almost too pretty to eat. Every ingredient at this pastry shop is made from scratch, including the decorative mounds of frosting over these flower-shaped tarts. In addition to this savory dessert, Yellow Spoon Pastry has a variety of savory menu items, many of which are gluten-free. For those wanting to learn how to make their own savory concoctions, Yellow Spoon Pastry even offers private baking classes.

Yellow Spoon Pastry, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, +66 085 482 2842

Spicy Chocolate At Hor Hidden Cafe

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Spicy chocolate
Spicy chocolate | © Courtesy of Hor Hidden Cafe
No, you read that right … spicy chocolate. This particular cafe was somehow able to combine Thai’s love for spiciness with, well, everyone’s love for chocolate. This spice-riddled chocolate cake is a reality at Hor Hidden Cafe, located off the BTS Skytrain stop Ari. It has several other dessert and coffee shops to compete with in the area, but Hor Hidden Cafe certainly holds its own with desserts like this. Made up of thick, dark chocolate ganache, biting into this scrumptious dessert is quite the taste sensation. First there’s delightfully smooth chocolate and then you’ll be hit with the hidden spice component right after, although it only lasts about three seconds before it’s gone. The two tastes complement one another and surprise all those who devour it.

Waffle Tower At HASHME

Desserts, for the most part, are small and petite, confined to a bowl. That is not the case at HASHME. They create desserts so large you will need a handful of people to even put a dent in them. The waffle tower at HASHME has been gracing social media accounts everywhere, and there is no question as to why everyone wants to document its epic existence.

HASHME, 9:53 Community Mall, 124 Sukhumvit 53 (Thong Lo 9), Khlong Tan Nuer, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, +66 02 662 4328

Pumpkin and Basil Dessert At 80/20 BKK

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Two unsuspecting ingredients make for one mouthwatering dessert at 80/20 BKK. This restaurant is constantly surprising customers with their Thai fusion dishes, including their desserts. Their pumpkin and basil dessert is just one example of their creative combinations. Pumpkin is actually featured in many Thai desserts, but you have never seen it like this before. 80/20 BKK combines a variety of ingredients and textures straight from the orange squash plant, including pumpkin ganache, pumpkin seed sablé, roasted pumpkin, basil seeds, and pumpkin powder. It is then topped off with fresh basil ice cream. This dessert is yet another great creation of their executive pastry chef, Saki Hoshino.

Pies At April's Bakery

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From honey baked chicken to green tea, the pies at April’s Bakery are chock-full of both delicious and strange cores. April’s Bakery offers a variety of pies to choose from, with a total of 19 different stuffings. The most popular pie of them all is the roasted red pork, which took three months to create before the chefs finally deciding on the perfect combination of ingredients. At April’s Bakery, every pie is an individual piece of art.

Two-Pound Crab Cake At ChikaLicious Dessert Bangkok

Who knew that seafood and cake could be such a delicious combination? Apparently, ChikaLicious Dessert Bangkok did, hence the creation of their outrageous, two-pound crab cake. In addition to delicious desserts, this shop serves up a wide variety of tasty foods and drinks, and its menu even recommends the best pairing wine with whatever savory menu item you choose.

ChikaLicious Dessert Bangkok, 5th Fl., Central Embassy Unit L5-01/1R, 1031 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10300, +66 02 160 5892


Crab cake | © Courtesy of ChikaLicious Dessert Bangkok

Crunchy Waffles Caramel Frappe At 3rd Cafe

Forget your usual morning pick-me-ups consisting of lattes and mochas. Instead, opt for a more delicious, creative concoction at 3rd Cafe. This place continues to surprise customers with a variety of strange and unique frappe blends that are both delicious and Instagram-worthy, including their crunchy waffles caramel frappe. Overflowing with sweet treats, this drink is sure to keep customers satisfied when Bangkok’s heat gets the better of them.

crunchy waffle caramel frappe

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