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The 10 Best Restaurants In Bandung, Indonesia

The 10 Best Restaurants In Bandung, Indonesia

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Updated: 18 January 2018
When Indonesians think about food, they usually think Bandung. Located in West Java, Bandung is famous for its year-round pleasant weather and the culinary delicacies it has to offer. On weekends, visitors travel to the city to enjoy the many outdoor fine dining options, and also delicious street food. Here’s our list of the must-try restaurants in Bandung.
Lawangwangi | © Sarine Arslanian


Lawangwangi Creative Space

Simultaneously an art gallery, a café and a designer shop, the Lawangwangi Creative Space offers impressive contemporary art and a wide selection of food and drink, which can be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking one of the most beautiful views of the city. For foodies who are passionate about art and natural sceneries, Lawangwangi is heaven on earth as it beautifully blends both. It is located a little out of the crowded city center in a building on top of a hill overlooking gorgeous valleys and hills.

99 Jalan Dago Giri, Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia, +62 22 2504065


oza tea house indonesia
Oza Tea House I © Sarine Arslanian

Oza Tea House

Tea enthusiasts will be delighted to find a wide selection of tea at the Oza Tea House. Here, a tea bag is a foreign concept. They only use fresh leaves, mostly from Bandung and from around Indonesia. A must try is the silver needle white tea. The owner is welcoming and insightful. If he happens to be there, he will start explaining to his customers the history behind tea plantations in the area, how to enjoy a cup of tea, and, most importantly, how to choose the right one according to your personality. A selection of Asian and western dishes are also available, and, of course, a selection of mouth-watering desserts.

25 Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Indonesia, +62 22 4268739


Dapur Dahapati

Dapur Dahapati is the highly recommended answer for those seeking to taste the very famous oxtail soup in Bandung: the sop buntut. It’s not difficult to find, as everyone around knows about this restaurant set in a classic Dutch house. What makes the oxtail soup more special at Dapur Dahapati is their delicious thick sauce and the fact that they use a recipe that has been shared over generations. The portions are generous, offering good value for money.

146 Jalan Cipaganti, Bandung, Indonesia, +62 22 7101301


Sate Maulana Yusuf

Sate Maulana Yusuf is the best sate place in town. It might not look too appealing from the outside, appearing almost like a  small garage, but no one ever leaves disappointed after having tasted the food. Sate choices range from chicken to goat and cow, including chicken skin. No matter what meat they use, they make sure to serve big cuts which are tender and juicy. The chopped grilled meat sticks come accompanied with seasoning and peanut sauce. This sate place is pricier than others but it is worth the detour and the extra cost. It has been serving sates since the 1980s and it is common to hear that the taste has never changed over the years, staying as delicious as it ever was.

21 Jalan Maulana Yusuf, Bandung, Indonesia, +62 22 4234096



Mie Rica Kejaksaan

Spicy food lovers, get ready! Mie Rica Kejaksaan is one of the most legendary noodle houses in Bandung, famous for both the noodles and the quantity of spices used. The wait might be long at times as the restaurant is small and very popular, but be patient as this place is really a must-try. To avoid big crowds and longer queues, avoid holiday periods and lunchtime. Also, bear in mind that they serve pork, and cook in pork oil, which is not too common in Indonesia. For spicy food and noodles in Bandung, this is the place to be.

Block B 25-27, Jalan Pasirkaliki, Bandung, Indonesia


floating market
Floating Market | © Sarine Arslanian


Floating Market Lembang

Paddle boats, a small artificial but peaceful lake, food stands in traditional canoes, small and private dining huts, and green sceneries can be found in the Floating Market. This is not a traditional floating market, but more of a nice, clean dining area designed to look like one. There are many stands offering different types of Indonesian dishes, including Bandung’s specialties. Must-try dishes include pisang goreng, literally meaning ‘fried banana’, which comes served with chocolate and cheese, siomay, batagor, otak-otak, and of course sate.

33 Jalan Grand Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia, +62 708 888 81

Batagor Kingsley

Looking to try one of Bandung’s most famous specialties? Batagor Kingsley offers, by far the best batagors in town. The name of the dish, which originated in Bandung in the 1980s, comes from an abbreviation of bakso tahu goreng, literally meaning ‘fried bakso and tofu’. It consists of fried fish dumplings, which are served with a delicious peanut sauce. Batagor Kingsley is a bit more expensive thank some places but the food is worth it. Customers have two options: they can buy the already fried batagor and eat it on the spot or buy it uncooked to be fried at home.

25 Jalan Veteran, Bandung, Indonesia, +62 22 7303349


tahu lembang indonesia
Tahu Lembang | © Sarine Arslanian


Tahu Lembang

Have you ever tried fried tofu so soft from the inside that it almost melts in your mouth? Tahu Lembang is the best place for it. Located in the Lembang area of Bandung, tofu here is fried with milk, giving it a soft texture. The factory and the small outdoor seating area attract a constant flow of visitors every day. Sweetened soy milk drinks are also sold together with the fried tofu that can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack. Combined together, they constitute the most mouth-watering light bite in Bandung.

177 Jalan Raya Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia, +62 22 2789008



Lacamera is a beautiful, spacious café with a high ceiling, dozens of lights, and gives everyone the privacy they need. There is also a small stage at the back, where local artists perform on Thursday evenings. The main specialty here is the art of manually brewing the local coffee beans, mainly from West Java. But they also offer other popular drinks such as the Lacamera mint coffee, or the red velvet latte. Lacamera offers a beautifully decorated space where the customer is king and can enjoy one of the best cups of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

79 Jalan Naripan, Bandung, Indonesia, +62 22 4210200



Motzen offers an extensive selection of beers and steaks, and a beautiful mountain view from its location in Dago Pakar. The interior is decorated with wood, the waiters dress in traditional German attire, and the atmosphere is warm and family-friendly. They have all the imported beers you can think of, but their local ones are also worth a try. Motzen is a steak and beer house where both marry perfectly.

21 Jalan Dago Pakar Timur, Bandung, Indonesia, +62 22 82522952