A Seafood Lover's Guide to the Seychelles

A paradise for seafood lovers |©Shutterstock
A paradise for seafood lovers |©Shutterstock
Photo of Chantelle Howell
8 February 2017

While traditional food may include some more unusual items such as bat curry, seafood will certainly be the most sought-after item on menus across Seychelles. And if you are into fishing, Seychelles is definitely a dream location. With hundreds of boat charters specifically for fishing available, going fishing for your lunch is a definite must. For lovers of seafood, here’s what to check out.

Dried fish

Dried fish is a delicacy in Seychelles. It’s a tradition that hails from the times where there were no refrigerators, or commercially available ice for fishermen. Fish is salted and then dried for several days. It is sometimes used in fish curry and you will also find it in what is called a ‘roughy’ which uses tomato, garlic, onion and chilli sauce and is typically served with rice. If you haven’t eaten dried fish before, it’s exactly how you might imagine, very salty and very fishy! Often, it will be sold on stands on the side of the road or at markets such as the Victoria Fish Market. You’ll sometimes see it being sold in local supermarkets too.

Fish salted and drying in the Seychelles Sun – a delicacy in Seychelles | ©seychelles news agency

Fish Curry

Fish curry is a regular in restaurants and food stands alike. Meaty fish like bonito tends to be used as opposed to a flakey fish. Dried fish is sometimes, but not always, used. Coconut milk is used almost every time.

Fish curry | ©Ron Dolled / Flickr

Octopus Curry

A hugely popular and sought-after dish in Seychelles is octopus curry when done right. In the same way your mum cooks the best roast dinner, Seychellois all have their own preferences and little tweaks for cooking their octopus curry. Try the octopus curry at the Starfish Bar in Acajou Hotel on Praslin – it’s renowned for being the best.

Octopus curry | © Courtesy of Acajou Hotel

Grilled Fish

Seychellois can grill a fish like its no one’s business! If it’s available, the red snapper is the king of grilled fish and certainly a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Job fish and Jackfish are also great choices. A Seychelles secret is to use coconut husks in the BBQ to enhance the flavour of the fish. The fish is prepared very simply with usually just garlic, ginger and chilli used as seasoning. It’s often served with a red Creole sauce or chilli sauce called ‘pimont

Grilled red snapper known locally as bourzwa | ©Joe Laurence, Seychelles News Agency


Fresh lobster is available in Seychelles but for sustainability reasons, there are variable seasons when catching lobster is allowed. There are also various other rules for catching lobster, including the requirement of carapaces to be a certain length. If you’re a lobster fan, you’ll have to plan ahead to try to ensure your trip coincides with lobster season.

Grilled lobster | ©prayitnophotography/flickr

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