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Courtesy of Jamie Y
Courtesy of Jamie Y

10 Las Vegas Photographers You Need to Know About

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Updated: 17 August 2017
The Las Vegas landscape attracts artists and photographers alike to the city, whether it’s the glowing neon lights and nightclubs of the Las Vegas Strip or the red rock formations in Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire. Here are 10 photographers you’ll find around Las Vegas, capturing the spirit of the city and its residents.

Jessica Cram

Jessica Cram is originally from Nebraska. A self-taught photographer with a passion for portraits, Jessica’s body of work includes family photos, pet portraits, landscapes, and couples. Jessica strives to make every shoot as relaxing as possible for her clients, as it is the best way to let their individuality shine through. Her focus on her clients leaves them feeling at ease, confident and fun to work with.

Courtesy of Jessica Cram
Courtesy of Jessica Cram | Courtesy of Jessica Cram

Matthew Schenk

Matthew Schenk and his company, M Place Productions, specialize in wedding photography. Whether it’s wedding day photos, or engagement announcement pictures, Matthew and his team chronicle each occasion they take part in with care and creativity. Past clients note his attention to detail and take-charge attitude and highly recommend him to prospective customers. Matthew’s sharp focus and dedication to his craft make him excel at capturing the spirit and the romance of his client’s special day.

Courtesy of Matt Schenk / M Place Productions
Courtesy of Matt Schenk / M Place Productions | Courtesy of Matt Schenk / M Place Productions

Emily Alley

Emily Alley is an art teacher and photographer in Las Vegas. Her specialty is doll photography; she takes old-fashioned dolls and revamps them into creepy, cute pieces to feature in her photographs. Her creations and her photos are both endearing and eerie at the same time; once an artwork of hers catches your attention, you’ll find that you won’t be able to look away.

Courtesy of Emily Alley
Courtesy of Emily Alley

Don Parnall

Don Parnall is a top-notch events and corporate photographer based in Las Vegas. His company, Costellophoto, produces high-quality editorial work and is venturing into the world of aerial drone photography. Costellophoto specializes in convention and campaign work, and Don’s 30-plus years of experience in film and television make his images stand out amongst others in his field. Indeed, his work has won and been nominated for numerous awards, including the International Color Award.