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Flickr ©T.Tseng
Flickr ©T.Tseng

Snapchat Summer Concerts At Santa Monica Pier Flourish With Expo Line

Picture of Mary Pettas
Updated: 2 August 2016
The free summer concerts on the pier that started last year are the best thing to happen to the Westside since the construction of the Expo Line, and both are paying off. The popularity of the concerts and the series was so highly anticipated again this year that the first concert of the year was a hit. Especially because of the addition of the Expo Line, the number of attendees is growing since the new form of transportation allows non-West LA residents to safely take public transport to the beach for the concerts without having to worry about drinking, traffic, and parking. And it’s bringing lots of business and attention to local Santa Monica bars and restaurants by the community, in an area that is usually saturated with tourists. The series, which even last year was busy, is now bringing people from all over the city to sit on the beach and enjoy a free show and start the weekend off early on a Thursday night.

Sponsored by Snapchat, the party is just getting bigger and better with themed activities used to promote the brand. On the pier, the exponentially growing company, which has its headquarters in LA, placed games and rides featuring their signature goofy ghost all over. In addition, huge balloons floated above the crowds on the beach, reflecting the lights and changing colors along with the stages. An impromptu dance floor emerged on the beach right underneath the pier throughout the performance, with revellers dancing barefoot in the sand.

Artists are varied and change according to genre each week, but the lineup is sure not to disappoint, drawing notably more prominent acts than ever before, which also contributes to the popularity of the events. The first week featured two heavyweights in indie music, starting with soul singer Alina Baraz and ending with jazzy Mayer Hawthorne.

Streets are being closed down early on Thursdays in anticipation of the heavy foot traffic that results, and police on horseback patrol the area to ensure the crowds are staying within boundaries. However, it is a special treat to citizens to be allowed to hang out on the public beach after dark, since technically, it usually closes at dusk.  While police clear the crowds out immediately after the concert, it’s a privilege to picnic on the sand with friends while the sun sets on a balmy summer night, with music drifting through the background. It’s certainly a chill environment that the community enjoys together, and it’s growing week by week.