7 Restaurants Open During Ramadan in Dubai

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21 May 2018

As a major tourist hub, Dubai has ensured that visitors can appreciate the city in its full glory, even during Ramadan when over a hundred restaurants will continue serving patrons throughout the holy month. With an extensive range of delicacies across a spectrum of international cuisines, visitors will truly be spoilt for choice. Check out our top picks for lunch options in the city.

*Note: please remember to be respectful and refrain from eating in public. The following restaurants only permit dining inside and cover their windows with drapes. You are only permitted to eat within these restaurants.

Pascal Tepper

Bakery, French, $$$
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This French bakery adds a contemporary twist to classic French baked treats. From croissants and fruit pastries to waffles and crepes, Pascal Tepper has all of your beloved dishes, freshly baked to perfection each morning. Serving breakfast, lunch, tea and an array of refreshing drinks, Pascal Tepper is your ultimate location for an authentic Parisian dining experience.


Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
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Offering Mediterranean seafood with a Lebanese twist, Flooka is the ultimate stop for all crustacean lovers. Taste freshly caught fish while sitting on a wooden boat-shaped bar and enjoying unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf. Serving traditional Lebanese delicacies such as makanek alongside classic dishes such as fish and chips, Flooka offers a glimpse into the culinary culture of various countries. All in all, it promises a truly memorable nautical adventure.

The Noodle House

Hotel Restaurant, Asian, $$$
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A haven for Asian food lovers, the Noodle House boasts an extensive menu brimming with classic Asian dishes and delicacies with an American twist. You’re sure to find you favourite dish; whether it’s fried rice, noodles or steak. The Noodle House uses traditional Asian ingredients to give your tastebuds a culinary culture, promising an authentic experience. Their legendary duck dishes come highly recommended and are a must try for visitors.

Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

Hotel Restaurant, British, $$$
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Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Bread Street Kitchen & Bar has been celebrated for its classic British dishes such as fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, beef wellington, and Victoria sponge. This in itself makes Bread Street Kitchen stand out as one of the few eateries hosting traditional British delicacies. It is also famous for its array of signature drinks such as the Bread Street Gin and Tonic, which they will continue serving during Ramadan. They also host various exclusive events such as the Saturday Roast Revolution, to mimic classic British Sunday roasts, and held a Royal Wedding Brunch to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle.

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Говядина по-веллингтонски по рецепту Гордона Рамзи! Съесть тебя было мечтой, все равно что отправиться на год в Африку или переехать жить на Гавайи! Круче встречи с ней только встреча с самим Гордоном Рамзи. Этот обаятельный и сквернословящий засранец, который променял карьеру футболиста на фартук повара и стал кулинарной звездой с 16 звёздами Мишлен и шоуменом мирового масштаба - мой стопроцентный кумир. В том числе в мире телевидения. Я обожаю все передачи, которые он ведёт, от Мастершефа до Kitchen Nightmares (с которой слизана программа «На ножах»), и как сейчас помню, как в одном из сезонов Мастершефа участники по заданию Гордона готовили говядину по-веллингтонски. Признаюсь честно, завышенные ожидания сыграли со мной злую шутку. Говядина (за 4 с половиной тыщи рублей) оказалась хороша, но не превосходна, в отличие от умопомрачительного тартара из тунца - его портрет тоже прилагается. Этот тунец теперь тоже мой стопроцентный кумир. А вообще, находясь в ресторане Bread Street в дубайском отеле Atlantis, я смотрела на своего годовалого сына и думала: «Я много лет мечтала попасть в один из ресторанов Гордона Рамзи, а ты, Санек, оказался в нем в годик, так ещё сидишь и разбрасываешь тут во все стороны карамелизированную морковку. Везёт же некоторым!» )))

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Baker & Spice

Restaurant, Middle Eastern, European, $$$
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Baker & Spice provide organic, wholesome meals, whether delicious salads with tangy flavours, or their oven-fresh bread. Catering to a range of preferences, they don’t compromise on quality, ensuring that all their dishes are homemade with locally sourced organic ingredients. As a result, a meal at Baker & Spice leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea throughout Ramadan, this award-winning eatery offers and exciting blend of Middle Eastern and European cuisine to satisfy your cravings.

The Fish House Dubai

Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
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Located in the InterContinental Dubai, The Fish House is an up-and-coming seafood haven. Serving the best catch of the day, accompanied by locally-sourced fresh vegetables, the restaurant revolutionises seafood dining. A light and airy ambience, coupled with an array of delicacies, ensures a memorable meal. You can also personalise your fish dish to suit your particular tastes and enjoy a range of unique creations.


Restaurant, Japanese, $$$
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Yes, it’s true – this fan favourite will be open for business all day throughout Ramadan. Serving a range of unique, signature dishes, Wagamama has established itself as one of the best places to treat yourself to a taste of Japan. Whether you’re looking for delicious noodles or mouthwatering katsu, Wagamama answers all your culinary needs. From their tangy flavours to their authentic Japanese ingredients, they are a must this Ramadan.