India, Asia

India, Asia


How do you define a country as culturally and geographically diverse as India? The short answer – you can’t. From its mountainous north to its tropical south, with fierce deserts and mind-bogglingly vast cities in between, this is a place that compels you to come back again and again – as no single trip could do it justice.

In fact, the northern state of Rajasthan on its own is worthy of a bucket-list trip. Here, New Delhi – the country’s extraordinary capital, where the cutting edge and the truly ancient live side by side – is your jumping-off point. This semi-arid region, roughly translated from Sanskrit as “Land of the Kings” is stuffed with palaces, fortresses and temples dating back millenia. It’s also where you’ll find India’s most famous building, the Taj Mahal. Add to that authentic rural villages, vibrant cities and jaw-dropping landscapes, and you’ve got a 10-day adventure stuffed with unforgettable memories.

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