The 10 Best Restaurants In Córdoba, Spain

Cordoba | ©Jorge Cancela/Flickr
Cordoba | ©Jorge Cancela/Flickr
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9 February 2017

Córdoba is rich with history and a distinctive gastronomic taste. Its cuisine has clear roots in Andalusian history, and is linked with traditional Arab, Moorish and Moroccan flavors and spices. Have a look at the 10 best and most important restaurants in Córdoba.

Bodegas Mezquita

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Bodegas Mezquita is a classic Córdoban bar that offers a varied selection of traditional tapas. It also features an in-house deli which is worth a visit. The interior of Bodegas Mezquita consists of whitewashed walls hung with old photos. You will find typical Córdoban tapas here, include slow-braised oxtail, classical gazpacho soup, tuna and orange salad and creamy potato tortilla. Bodegas Mezquita is a perfect place for everyone, whether you are looking for a full meal or just want to relax from sightseeing while sipping on a glass of beer or wine.

Amaltea Restaurant

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Paella | ©Sodexo USA/Flickr
This lovely restaurant is located in a colorfully decorated, ample venue. The cuisine is Mediterranean-based, with different seasonal varieties. Amaltea Restaurant offers a classical approach to Mediterranean cuisine, so you will find a big variety of dishes with rice, couscous and meat such as lamb, beef cod, tuna or halibut. Almaltea provides relaxing and pleasant background music, and candles create an intimate romantic ambiance.

El Churrasco

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Grilled Steak
Grilled Steak | ©Ralph Daily/Flickr
Located inside a hotel in Córdoba’s Jewish district, El Churrasco is a contemporary classic. The name of the restaurant simply translates as ‘grilled meat’, which is what it is most famous for. It was opened in 1970s by Rafael Carillo and still remains one of the most visited restaurants in Córdoba. El Churrasco offers delicious charcoal-grilled Iberian pork accompanied by two Arab style red and green pepper sauces.

El Tercio Viejo

This tiny tavern offers a very unique drinking experience. It is a buzzing local hangout where you will be offered a tall tumbler with snails inside. Snails are a classic Córdoban delicacy, and are served on a plate accompanied by a tall glass filled with spicy and minty broth. You have to remove snail’s meat using a toothpick and finish the meal by drinking the spicy liquid. This is a real adventure for brave and bold people who want to truly experience Córdoban culture.

Calle Enrique Redel, 19, Córdoba, Spain, +34 665 38 39 19

Restaurant Choco

Choco Restaurant‘s aim is to popularize gourmet gastronomy and make such dishes more affordable to people who cannot spend a few hundred euros on a fine dinner. Choco is located just outside the city centre, but it offers an imaginative menu and a great selection of wines, so it is totally worth taking your time and getting here for a relaxed and intimate dinner, tasting innovative plates from Kisko García. The interior of Choco is plain and simple, with tables and chairs covered in white tablecloths so you can focus on the food in front of you.

Roast Suckling Pig, a favourite at Choco | ©Alpha/Flickr

La Regadera

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La Regadera has been ranked as the number one restaurant in Córdoba. The menu offers traditional Spanish cuisine with international elements. Almost all plates, like the Córdoban salmorejo, could be easily shared between two people, as they come in large servings. Cod steaks are juicy and tender. The interior presents a rather unusual yet captivating choice for an elegant restaurant like this, because the decor features watering cans dotted across the venue. Members of staff are always friendly and attentive. Wine aficionados will find a great number of carefully chosen wines that are served by the glass.

Taberna San Miguel (Casa El Pisto)

Taberna San Miguel has been recognized as the all-time favorite tavern of locals. The interior is typical of old Spanish tavern and dates back to the 1880s. Taberna San Miguel is worth visiting to try a classic version of pigs’ trotters or oxtail. The menu is not vast but the dishes presented are of the best quality.

Plaza San Miguel 1, Córdoba, Spain, +34 957 47 01 66

La Tortuga

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La Tortuga is an excellent place to have a breakfast or brunch. On weekend evenings it transforms into hip dancing venue full of young locals. Owners Maria and Valeria only use fresh ingredients and prepare them in a home-style manner. They also manage a small bakery onsite, offering a delicious variety of freshly baked pastries and scented coffee.

Taberna Casa Pepe de la Juderia

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This tavern is a popular tourist spot and a classic meeting point for locals, who enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and indulge on quality tapas and wines. Taberna Casa Pepe de la Juderia has an open terrace on the top floor and a small tapas bar downstairs. Some of the specialties chosen by chef Juan Pedro Secaduras include eggplant with honey, juicy Sephardic lamb or oxtail omelet. The creativity of the chef coupled with top quality fresh vegetables and fish produces an delightful mixture of flavors and textures.

Casa Mazal

Casa Mazal has focused on serving Judeo-Spanish interpretations of traditional food. This tradition is called Sephardic, and has combined parts of Andalusian, Turkish and African cuisine. Chefs at Casa Mazal prepare food from fresh seasonal ingredients, and also offer a great selection of Spanish and Kosher wines. Casa Mazal, offers many delicious plates, among which are the Syrian lentil salad or the eggplant fritters with honey. While visiting, try one of their specialities, tenderloin grilled cod with grapes, lamb cake, or baby lamb couscous. The house frequently plays Mediterranean music.

Calle Tomás Conde 3, Córdoba, Spain, +34 957 94 18 88