The 10 Best Coffee Shops In Valencia

The 10 Best Coffee Shops In Valencia
It’s a Spanish tradition to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee after a hard day at work. In Valencia, coffee shops abound and can be spotted on almost every street corner. This guide will give travelers a glimpse into the very best 10 coffee shops that reflect the cosmopolitan nature of this vibrant city and its passionate affair with casual coffee culture.

Mayan Coffees

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Ubik Cafe
Ubik Cafe | Courtesy of Ubik Cafe
Mayan Coffees has adventurous decorations filled with coffee bags hanging from the walls and an all-encompassing mystical Aztec feel. In fact, the theme for this cafe is inspired by Guatemalan culture and is enhanced by the panoramic view of the historical Towers of Quart. Professional baristas consistently deliver a great drink, as well as a spectacular location that will enable travelers to visit the Botanic Gardens and the Central Market just a few steps away.
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Ubik Cafe

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Ubik Cafe is more of a bookstore that happens to serve coffee instead of the other way around. At Ubik patrons can purchase a book, indulge in a cup of coffee, and participate in a literary workshop all under the same roof! The cafe also features a large space designed for kids and there are interesting events happening regularly, such as as wine tastings, novel and comic presentations and more.
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The peculiar name for this coffee shop has an even more peculiar history behind it. The innovative design features an open floor plan with a library where customers can enjoy their cup of coffee while looking at an array of books, crafts and postcards. The trendy and creative ambiance is enhanced by the use of a series of vinyl records for decoration.
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Saona is entirely themed in the image of the Balearic island of Fomentera in the Mediterranean, known for its crystal-clear waters and sunny blue skies. Saona is an idyllic spot to enjoy a quiet morning: the extensive food menu is also great here and the hamburgers are delicious.
Address: Saona, 46015, Av. de les Corts Valencianes, 26, 46015 Valencia, Spain, +34 960 72 99 15

Cappuccino Grand Cafe

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Chocolate con churros
Chocolate con churros | © Carquinyol/WikiCommons
Located in the middle of emblematic Plaza de la Reina, Cappuccino Grand Cafe has garnered a rather large following thanks to its varied coffee selection. The flavors customers will encounter here range from chocolate to whipped cream and vanilla ice cream: the hot chocolate and the Italian cappuccinos are especially tasteful. Enjoy a midday stop at this lovely cafe, known for its elegant decor and truly European setting.
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Even though the coffee here is nothing short of pure greatness, Valencianos line up at Valor to get a sweet taste of the beloved churros con chocolate. Valor is open year-round but is an especially perfect stop for travelers visiting in the winter. It also has an in-store shop where patrons can purchase their favorite chocolate confections to take home.
Address: Valor, Plaça de la Reina, 20, Valencia, Spain, +34 963 15 21 98

L’espresso Cafe

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L’espresso Cafe is the place to go for travelers looking for excellent coffee served in a rustic setting. Owner Lola Martinez Herrero makes sure to transmit her passion for coffee into each cup she serves and the joint is located near the historic landmark of Plaza de la Reina
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Cafe de las Horas

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Cafe de las Horas, Valencia
Cafe de las Horas, Valencia | Photo courtesy of Valencia Tourism
Cafe de las Horas, Spanish for “Coffee of the Hours, is located right in the heart of downtown Valencia. This one-of-a-kind cosmopolitan cafe has attracted visitors and locals alike due to its stylish interior and high-quality coffee and tea. Las Horas also features an outdoor cafe allowing patrons to soak up Valencia’s fine architecture.
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El Cafe de Camilo

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El Cafe de Camilo is an authentic representation of what it means to have a casual coffee in Spain. El Cafe de Camilo is the perfect place to kick back and relax. Each cafe also features a store section full of bespoke products for those who prefer to be transported to that special place from the comfort of their own home.
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Cafe Infanta

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Cafe Infanta is like no other cafe in the city of Valencia. The exquisite architecture that is the main draw of this cafe still stands in glorious Moorish fashion. Customers will also catch paintings of film icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall on the walls.
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