Verona’s Top Contemporary Art Galleries You Should Visit

James Sawyer

Verona is a city of passions, famously known as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Steeped in Roman and Renaissance heritage, Verona also boasts an equally rich contemporary art scene. An hour away from Venice yet undoubtedly within its cultural orbit, the city offers a more tranquil side of the Veneto. Verona’s art galleries and exhibition spaces connect Italian masters with contemporary virtuosos from Italy and further afield.

Boxart Gallery

Boxart boasts some of the most established names of Italian contemporary art from Mario Schifano to Emilio Isgro. Founded in 1995, Boxart’s first decade of exhibitions aimed at elevating both older and younger generations of Italian artists, highlighting the work of Sandro Chia, Marco Cingolani, Andrea Facco and Mauro Fiorese. In 2006, Boxart opened its doors to the Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch, as well as numerous Chinese artists who would also be exhibited at the Venice Biennale. In 2013, Boxart exhibited a retrospective of Emilio Isgro, two years after the artist’s monumental installation at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome on the occasion of modern Italy’s 150th anniversary.

Boxart, Via dei Mutilati 7a, Verona, Italy

La Giarina

La Giarina spans the courtyard of a stunning historical building dating from the 16th century. Though the lifespan of the gallery has been rather short in comparison to that of the building, La Giarina came into existence through an unusual exhibition on the cinematic art of Chantal Ackerman in 1987. From then on the gallery began to focus more broadly on contemporary art, collecting Italian and international artists among its ranks. Adding to La Giarina’s niche interests, the gallery has recently launched a thematic study of body language in the history of art.

La Giarina, Interrato Acqua Morta 82, Verona, Italy, +39 045 803 2316

Perlini Arte

Perlini Arte specialises in artworks spanning many mediums yet all unified in their photographic nature. Whether through photorealistic painting, pencil or photography itself, the artists represented by Perlini Arte interrogate the relationship between the real and the representational. Though Perlini Arte boasts a core of Italian artworks, a few international artists are within its ranks.

Perlini Arte, Via XXI Agosto 35, Verona, Italy, +39 0965 898580

1. Byblos Art Hotel

Hotel, Villa

The modern decorated foyer, with large chandelier and coloured seating at Byblos Art Hotel
Courtesy of Byblos Art Hotel / Expedia
The Byblos Art Hotel transposes the gallery space into the fabric of everyday life in this luxurious villa hotel. Sharing the same management as the FaMa Gallery, the hotel remains undeniably plugged into Verona’s art scene. While the hotel’s sumptuous accommodations ensure an intimate art-viewing experience, one does not need to spend the night to appreciate the hotel’s numerous artists on display. The Byblos Art Hotel is furnished with a restaurant, spa, and even a chapel which can be rented out for marriages. The Byblos Art Hotel truly takes the gallery space to new levels without compromising quality or quantity of artwork: more than 30 artists are on display, including Marina Abramovic, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor, Cindy Sherman and Sol Lewitt.

2. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto

Museum, Library

Though neither a gallery nor found in Verona proper, no survey of the city’s contemporary art scene would truly be complete without a visit to this museum just a short distance away in Trento in the town of Rovereto. The museum holds an astounding collection of more than 15,000 artworks and comprises archives, an educational program and a library. Inaugurated in 2002, the building’s architectural programme is in itself worth a visit.

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