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The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Dublin

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Dublin

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Dublin’s vegetarian restaurant scene is fairly small, but is generally of a very high quality and boasts some truly excellent chefs and restaurants . Here we will look at the very best options to choose from for vegetarians and vegans looking to dine in the old town.

Umi Falafel

You will find a plethora of traditional Middle Eastern falafel, all presented with a modern twist, in this cozy and modern restaurant on Dame Street. The service is quick and efficient, while the food itself is filling and tasty and exudes a sense of home-made intimacy that you don’t really get from larger establishments.


Umi Falafel, 13 Dame St, Dublin 2, +353 1 670 6866

Umi Falafel
Umi Falafel Image courtesy of Umi Falafel

Punjabi By Nature

Considered to be among the very best Indian restaurants in the city, and featuring prominently in many national publications, Punjabi by Nature serves up delicious Indian meals using only the finest locally sourced Irish ingredients. There is also a delivery service which brings that same quality directly to your location at no extra cost to you. The staff pride themselves on being simultaneously affordable, authentic and accommodating. A definite must-visit for all Indian food enthusiasts.


Punjabi by Nature, 15 Ranleagh Av, Dublin 6, Ireland,+353 1 496 0808

Blazing Salads

Blazing Salads is a very popular self-service salad bar with a wide selection of tasty vegetarian grub on display for both taking away and eating inside. Vegetarian and vegan pizza is also readily available, as is an assortment of tea from all corners of the world. The baked sweet potatoes and the chick pea salad are among the most popular dishes, but there is always something new and delicious for adventurous customers to try.

Blazing Salads, 42 Drury St, Dublin 2, Ireland, +353 1 671 9552

Blazing Salads
Blazing Salads © William Murphy/WikiCommons


A Dublin institution since it first opened in 1986 on the centrally located Wicklow Street, Cornucopia serves up both delicious home-cooked meals and quick snacks catering to both vegetarian and vegan diet restrictions. In addition to this, there is also a selection of high quality organic wine to accompany your meal. Live music is also occasionally performed by local musicians, and the overall atmosphere is both incredibly relaxed and extremely inviting.


Cornucopia, 19-20 Wicklow St, Dublin 2, Ireland, +353 1 677 7583


This gem of a restaurant transports diners from Ireland to Indonesia, and provides a truly unique experience if you’re in the mood for something a little unconventional. Chameleon takes the tapas format and gives it an Indonesian twist, so you’ll have a diverse range of small dishes to choose between and share among your friends, all as you soak up an atmosphere you won’t experience anywhere else in Dublin.


Chameleon, 1 Lower Fownes Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, +353 1 671 0362

Chameleon © William Murphy/Flickr