The 47 Most Beautiful Greek Islands

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Joseph Richard Francis

Both paradisiacal and rugged, the Greek islands continue to reign supreme as some of the most coveted holidaying spots in Europe. From Crete to Santorini, here are the most popular islands that Greece has to offer.

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1. Corfu

Natural Feature

Porto Timoni beach, Corfu, Greece
Chris Karidis / Unsplash

The mythic stomping ground of Poseidon and the home of the ancient Phaeacians bursts forth from its place in the Ionian Sea in a medley of sandy stretches and pebbly coves, Unesco-attested villages and chiselled cliffs. But while the backcountry of Corfu remains undeniably gorgeous, it’s the human spots such as the Angelokastro castle, the Vlacherna monastery and the Mandraki marina that really leave visitors gasping in disbelief.

2. Crete

Natural Feature

Small boat in the crystal clear waters of Crete, Greece
Elena Dimaki / Unsplash
Crete is a patchwork of crumbling ancient harbours and charming Venetian port towns laden with bubbling tavernas. The island has glorious olive groves, sun-kissed peaks and sheer-cut canyons. Then there are the beaches, which are wild and rugged at spots such as Falasarna in the west, otherworldly at places such as Elafonisi on the Libyan Sea, and bustling and lively nearer to Heraklion and the party strips of Malia.

3. Delos

Natural Feature

Delos is one of the undisputed hotspots for exploring the remnants of the rich Greek past. Not only are great swaths of lands designated under a Unesco World Heritage title, but it’s also home to more archaeological digs and ancient ruins than any other island in the region. Among them lie the Naxian Terrace of the Lions and the mighty Delos Theatre. There is also a fantastic archaeological museum, which chronicles the mythical history of the island as the supposed birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, and its subsequent place at the heart of the Delian League (which became the Athenian Empire).

4. Symi


The majestic island of Symi, in Dodecanese, Greece.
Dimitris Kiriakakis / Unsplash

Tiny Symi is just a pinprick on the map of the Greek Aegean, and yet it’s hailed as one of the most beautiful islands around. The pièce de résistance is the kaleidoscopically colourful harbour of Symi and Ano Symi town, which glows in ice-cream hues of yellow, pink, blue and ochre below the Aegean sun and between walls of dusty, untouched coastal mountains. Of course, there are also plenty of hidden beaches, where the aromas of fresh shrimp dishes from nearby tavernas twist through cypress groves and light breezes roll in from Turkey in the east.

5. Santorini


Church in Oia, Santorini at sunset with se below and mountains beyond
Photo by Jonathan Gallegos on Unsplash
A Grecian chart-topper of a destination if there ever were one, Santorini is the stuff of postcards and travel brochures. The island is home to the cubist villages of Oia and Fira, which cascade over the volcanic cliffs of the island in streaks of brilliant white and specks of Greek blue. There are also some seriously fascinating historical spots here, such as the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the archaeological dig site at Minoan Akrotiri, while others will come to explore the famous scuba diving sites that pepper the rugged shorelines, or to taste the Turkish-influenced cuisine.

6. Kefalonia

Natural Feature

Pretty bay of Asos, Kefalonia, Greece
Mac McDade / Unsplash
The largest of the Ionian Isles, Kefalonia is a veritable paradise for nature lovers and travellers in search of authentic bucolic life in this idyllic corner of the Mediterranean. Famously eulogised by Louis de Bernières in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, the island offers sleepy fishing towns such as Argostoli and Fiskardo, swaths of aromatic olive plantations and the soaring heights of fir-clad Mount Ainos. However, unquestionably the biggest pull here is the startling majesty of the coastline, where sheer, chalk-white cliffs melt into crystal-clear waters, and glimmering beaches such as Skala and Myrtos sit shrouded in walls of cypress trees and rugged rock formations.

7. Mykonos


Outdoor seating on a beautiful bit of seafront in Mykonos, Greece
Johnny Africa / Unsplash

The heady, happening kingpin of the Cyclades islands and one of the veritable gems of the Greek Aegean overall, Mykonos draws huge crowds of revellers and sun-seekers throughout peak season. Daily speedboat connections and half-hour flights from Athens do well to bolster the traffic even more. While the main draw of this one will probably always be the hedonistic interior of Mykonos town (hailed now as the Ibiza of Greece), there are also the charming Chora windmills to spot, along with the warming sands of Elias Beach and the mysterious white-washed monasteries of Ano Mera.

8. Kos

Theater, Historical Landmark, Architectural Landmark

Down the far-flung reaches of the Dodecanese, just a short boat ride from the bubbling streets of Turkish Bodrum in the east, the island of Kos shimmers like a jewel amid the waters of the Aegean Sea. Its backcountry is a verdant patchwork of fig fields and olive groves, peppered with the occasional arching backbones of rugged mountain peaks and windswept sand dunes that give way to beaches such as the popular Lambi and secluded Limnionas. There are also authentic Turkish and Greek eats to be had here, lurking between the ancient remnants and Genoese castles of historic Kos town in the north.

9. Lefkada

Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark

Lefkada Porto Katsiki Beach in Greece. Lefkada has the most beautiful beaches in Greece
Johnny Africa / Unsplash

One of the more off-the-beaten-track destinations to hail from the waters of the Ionian Sea, Lefkada is a laid-back getaway that’s perfect for travellers looking to catch a glimpse of rural Greek island life. As one of the larger enclaves in the Ionian archipelago, it has a sweeping inland of rugged mountains and high-perched villages, all encompassed by dense forests of juniper, olive and cypress trees. What’s more, the entire east coastline is a pretty series of hidden coves and quaint fishing villages that tout spots such as Porto Katsiki and Kalamitsi Beach, and makeshift tavernas that brush right up to the turquoise shore.

10. Zakynthos


Navagio Shipwreck beach in Zakynthos, Greece
Yong Eui Choi / Unsplash
Home to the striking Shipwreck Bay and the legendary partying streets of Laganas and Kalamaki, Zakynthos remains one of the most versatile destinations for holidaymakers hitting the Greek islands. For nature lovers, the wild mountains of the north and the turtle beaches, rustic tavernas and rocky coves of the Vassilikos Peninsula are perfect choices, while party-goers and younger folk would do well to head for the bustling towns of the south and east.

11. Skiathos

Natural Feature

The amazing Lalaria beach with its white pebbles, Skiathos, Greece
Tomas Eidsvold / Unsplash

Sultry, sun-kissed Skiathos has accumulated a loyal following since first coming to the fore of Aegean island tourism in the 1960s, beloved by the sort of people who would rather dispense with their Greek holiday altogether than betray their age-old friend on the fringes of the northern Sporades. It’s easy to see why too, with a sweeping backcountry of pine forests and shimmering ivory sands, exquisite white-washed villages and endless stretches of cerulean sea. If you’re sold on Skiathos, be sure not to miss the rugged cliffs and rocky archways of Lalaria in the north, or the crumbling Byzantine castles that pepper the towns all around.

12. Poros

Museum, Archaeological site

If you’re looking for a low-key winter escape, look no further than the islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf. Lying just over two hours from Athens by ferry, the tiny island of Poros looks nothing like the extravagant Mykonos or Santorini, yet it will win you over thanks to its nostalgic, quiet ambience and unassuming architecture. Walk around the charming port or sit in one of the many cafes that line it. It’s worth climbing to the gorgeous 1927 clock tower, the highest point of the island, to take a photo of the moored boats or simply take in the incredible sunset views, as a lemon and pine scent permeates the air. Recommended by Konstantina Pyrnokoki.

13. Hydra

Natural Feature

View of a harbour in Hydra, Greece
Mauricio Muñoz / Unsplash

One more Argo-Saronic island worth putting high on your travel list is Hydra. Slightly more refined than Poros, yet just as naturally beautiful, Hydra is the home of artists and bohemians. Henry Miller, Pablo Picasso and Leonard Cohen are among those who’ve fallen in love with the island ever since the ’40s. In fact, Cohen bought a house here in 1960 that ended up being his home for seven years. Marvel at the 18th- and 19th-century stone mansions that dot the port – some look like fortresses with intricate frescoes on the inside – and bask in the silence stemming from the complete absence of motor vehicles, before visiting Hydra’s museums, which recount the island’s history that goes all the way back to 3000 BCE. Hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the 80km (50mi) of trails running across the island. Recommended by Konstantina Pyrnokoki.

14. Rhodes

Natural Feature

The majestic town of Lindos at Rhodes, Greece.
Dimitris Kiriakakis / Unsplash

Hot summers and mild winters (up to 16C/61F in December) make this Dodecanese jewel an ideal destination worth visiting any time of the year. Besides, medieval castles, ancient temples and the awe-inspiring Acropolis of Lindos would look impressive no matter the weather. Stroll along the Street of the Knights, explore the 160 chambers of the 14th-century Palace of the Grand Master and make your way up the 300 steps of the Monastery of Tsambika to enjoy the view. If you’re more of a party animal, try bar-hopping in Faliraki village (recommended only for serious clubbers), and if you’re into wine tasting, pass by the various vineyards and taverns serving sweet wine in Embonas village, the centre of wine production in Rhodes. You can also try horse riding on a beach, with the help of organisations such as Kadmos or Elpida. Recommended by Konstantina Pyrnokoki.

15. Ikaria

Natural Feature

Quiet coastal spot on Ikaria at sunset, Greece
Christian Burri / Unsplash

Famed (and named) as the island that witnessed Icarus’s failed attempts to fly close to the sun, Ikaria has somehow avoided mass arrivals also looking to fly in for a large dose of vitamin D. The island has a moon-like terrain that instantly makes it feel like nowhere else in the region, and locals have made the most of this strange environment by building some of their dwellings straight into the rocks themselves. There is an air of mystery and adventure here, perhaps due to years of evading pirates and outsiders. This is a quirky place where one of the highlights is supposed to be a relaxing soak in a radioactive hot spring. The parties and raves here are also legendary… if you can find them! Recommended by Cassam Looch.

16. Agistri

Natural Feature

Close to Athens, or at least close enough to make it a day trip that many locals enjoy taking, Agistri is a tiny island in the Saronic region. It’s a short ferry ride from Piraeus on the mainland and is ideal for nature lovers. The dense vegetation on Agistri is quite rare for the Greek islands, making this a particularly relaxing hideaway that is bereft of crowds. The northern and central parts of the island have cobblestone streets, quaint houses and breath-taking hilltop views. The coastline is secluded, with azure waters and rocky coves that offer something a little different from your average Greek adventure. Recommended by Cassam Looch.

17. Antiparos

Natural Feature

View from a home at the town of Antiparos. Antiparos island, Cyclades, Greece.
Dimitris Kiriakakis / Unsplash

Paros is a popular island in the Aegean Sea, but not many people know about its figurative opposite. Antiparos is less than one nautical mile from its busy neighbour, but has an entirely different perspective on life. A number of celebrities have discovered this relaxing haven, but most tourists still flock to Paros instead. That’s a shame as there are some incredible places to explore on this island including large caves and hidden coves. Antiparos also has some of the best restaurants to sample in Greece, most of which are located right on the shore where you can see the daily haul being brought in from the ocean. Recommended by Cassam Looch.

18. Naxos

Architectural Landmark

trips_greece_Naxos_cosmos-drone-pilot-aKItgAv8NVY-unsplash (1)
Cosmos Drone Pilot / Unsplash
Naxos is a well-known destination for summer holidays in Greece. With pristine beaches, pretty little villages and a plethora of fun activities for the whole family, it is no wonder why the island is so popular among tourists. But the island is also perfect for a springtime holiday, as it is that time that the island shows its pretty face. The inland is blooming with flowers, the days are warm and sunny, and you get to enjoy the hospitality of locals before the masses arrive. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.

19. Andros

Homestay, Apartment

Spring is best appreciated in nature, when everything starts to live again. A perfect time to visit lush and mountainous Andros, as the little island turns into a meadow in the jet-blue Aegean Sea. Take a break from your busy life and embrace the wild. Take a walking tour through the lush landscape, dotted with quiet villages, refreshing streams and blooming flowers. Relax at the terrace of a small kafenio in a village, a book in hand. If you’re lucky, you may even get to enjoy some beach days at one of the many picturesque beaches of the island. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.

20. Spetses

Shop, Store

Spetses, a short ferry ride from Athens, is beautiful in all seasons, but we must confess we have a weakness for Spetses in the spring. The island is covered with wild flowers, and various celebrations, such as Independence Day on March 25 – the first day of Lent and Easter – gets the island and locals alive. Enjoy long walks in the pine-tree forests or relax with afternoon drinks by the beach. Why not take a day to explore the neighboring islands or spend a day in Ermioni and roam around Peloponnese. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.

21. Syros

Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark

With a rich history and a unique character, Syros, though not much known to foreigners, is a favorite destination for locals. Its main town, Ermoupoli, also the capital of the Cyclades, features stunning neoclassical mansions, a dynamic harbor and an impressive replica of the Scala opera house, called the Apollon Theater. The inland, for its part, is covered with lush vegetation and the island features 16 hiking routes that take you through small villages, elegant churches and refreshing mountain springs. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.

22. Kythnos

Natural Feature

Kythnos, also called Thermia due to the presence of many hot springs, is located near Kea/Tzia and Serifos. With a plethora of little villages and pristine beaches, Kythnos is a quiet island where you can spend a truly relaxing holiday. The inland includes a network of sinuous trails perfect for hikes through the scenic interior. Who knows, you might love it so much, you’ll come back in the summer. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.

23. Alonissos


Home to National Marine Park of Northern Sporades, a sanctuary for rare birds, dolphins and even the elusive Mediterrannean monk seals, Alonissos is a paradise for those who cannot get enough of nature. Rocky hills, rugged landscape and valleys covered in pine forests and olive trees is what you get. Add to this perfect combo picture-perfect beaches and quaint little villages and you understand why Alonissos is among Greece’s top secrets. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.

24. Iraklia

Natural Feature

Located near Naxos, Iraklia is a little underrated paradise where you can enjoy daily beach days, tour boats, and breathtaking beauty. Feast in the local tavernas, enjoy swims in crystal waters and explore the inland. You can also decide to visit the neighboring islands of Amorgos, Schinoussa or Koufonisia, all deserving a visit. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.

25. Kalymnos

Hiking Trail

Also in the Dodecanese, Kalymnos is mostly known among divers and climbers. Wild and beautiful, known for its rocky landscapes, its clear waters ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving, and for its honey, Kalymnos where you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities in an unaltered environment. It is also the perfect base point to explore nearby islands. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.

26. Samos

Natural Feature

Home of the father of mathematics, Pythagoras, and philosopher Epicurus, Samos is rich in mythology. The island is thought to be the birthplace of Hera, sister and wife of Zeus, goddess of marriage and women in general. But if you find yourself on the island, you will find much more than myths—you’ll discover endless beauty. The island has a tranquil atmosphere and boasts a few archaeological wonders, including the temple dedicated to Hera. Spend a day on the beach, or hike the green inland where you will come across old monasteries, picturesque villages and ample vineyards where the world-famous sweet wine of Samos is produced. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.

27. Thassos

Natural Feature

It may take some effort to reach Thassos (also spelled Thasos), but the island instantly seduces its visitors, who often return again and again. A little green jewel off the coast of Kavala, Thassos is perfect for a couple’s getaway far from the crowds or a nature-filled family vacation. The island is home to a collection of inland villages with traditional architecture, while the vegetation and landscape offer you a place to escape your hectic, daily life. Hiking, biking and water sports are the main draws, while a lazy day on a beach, whether isolated or not, is a must for every traveler. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.

28. Chios

Natural Feature

Don’t underestimate sleepy little Chios on the beauty front. Granted, it doesn’t get the press that islands such as Santorini or Corfu do, and it may not have the legendary sandy beaches of Crete, but it certainly holds its own. This relatively large island, poking into the Aegean Sea just off the Turkish coast, has charming medieval hill villages, a truly untouched shoreline and sweeping inland vistas of arid, shrub-dotted valleys. When the backcountry gets a little too beautiful to handle, you can always seek out the exquisite mosaics of the Nea Moni monastery, a Unesco World Heritage site from the days of Constantine IX.


Temperatures on Karpathos can get scorchingly high in summer (think 40C/104F), so visiting the island during winter when it’s only 17C (63F) is actually a wise choice. Probably the least commercialised of the Dodecanese islands, Karpathos guarantees an authentic Greek island experience that involves picture-postcard villages and delectable cuisine, next to abundant, unspoiled nature. Follow the various trails on the island and hike your way through high mountains, pine forests and untouched valleys to reach ancient sites, secluded beaches or tiny villages such as Tristomo, and colourful ones such as Olympos; while here, try a patterned headpiece with golden details, sold by local women in traditional attire. Recommended by Konstantina Pyrnokoki.


Also known as Mytilini, the beautiful island of Lesbos is a nature lovers’ paradise. Boasting a wealth of olive trees (the island enjoys a long-lasting tradition of olive oil making), the island is covered in meadows, filled with aromatic herbs and wild flowers. So it comes as no surprise to know the Ottomans used to call it the ‘Garden of the Aegean’. A trip to Lesbos is also a great excuse to visit the island’s many spa facilities. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


An unspoiled paradise far from the maddening crowds of tourists, Lipsi, also spelled Leipsoi, a tiny island in the Dodecanese, is a place of relaxation and tranquility. Located between Patmos and Leros, Lipsi boasts lush vegetation, rugged hills and secluded beaches. Don’t go there if you are looking for a party island, but if all you want is relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, then you are in luck. Take the time to slow down, and wander around the narrow street of the main town, trek around the island, test the local cuisine and most of all, take it all in. You will come back refreshed and relaxed. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


A hidden island between Crete and Karpathos, Kasos may look rugged and barren at first sight, but once you’ve set foot on its soil, the warmth of its residents will make up for its unique landscape. Explore small villages with traditional flair just like Poli or Emporios or settle on the beaches with deep crystal clear waters. The island’s vestiges of the past, with a plethora of churches, monuments and monasteries dotting the land, are true witness of a rich history. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


Just north of Corfu lies one of Greece’s less visited islands, Othoni (sometimes spelled Othonoi). With cobbled streets, stunning beaches, hidden coves and luxuriant vegetation, Othoni is a little Eden where you can swim in turquoise waters, enjoy paradisiac landscapes and enjoy the beauty of nature. Make sure to visit Calypso’s Cave, located near Ammos beach. Legend has it that it was there that Calypso kept Ulysses captive for 7 years. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


This small island unknown island to the vast majority of tourists is located in the Cyclades. With less than 300 permanent residents, the island is a wonderland for lovers of nature and beauty. Located between Ios and Folegandros, Sikinos hardly gets crowded during the summer and has a plethora of beaches in its southern side, where you can truly enjoy a relaxing day in the sun. Add to this tasty tavernas and historical sightseeing and you will understand why Sikinos is the best destination if you want to avoid the crowds. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


Lemnos, or Limnos, in the north of the Aegean Sea, is a hidden paradise which has escaped massive tourism. With its extensive sandy beaches, picturesque villages, quiet inland lakes, powerful waterfalls and unspoiled landscapes, Hephaestus’ homeland welcomes visitors with open arms. Home of the ancient city of Poliochni, thought to be the oldest Neolithic city in Europe, Lemnos is definitely a destination you should discover soon. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


Often overlooked as a holiday destination, the Dodecanese archipelago has a plethora of undiscovered islands waiting to be explored. Take for example Leros, nestled between Kos and Samos. It may be one of the few islands where you can still experience traditional Greek island living without the touristy activities. A familiar destination for discerning adventurers, Leros is thought to be the homeland of goddess Artemis. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


Last but not least, Lihadonisia form a beautiful archipelago which is sometimes dubbed the Seychelles of Greece. These littles islands are located in the northern Gulf of Evia, between Kamena Vourla and Evia. Including the inhabited islands of Monolia where you can find an organized beach, Megalo Strongili, Mikri Strongili, Vagia, Voria and Limani, this unique archipelago was created by a huge earthquake long ago and is a paradise for scuba divers. It is also an excellent spot to observe a few seals, who have settled on one of the little islands of the cluster. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


Astypalaia, another stunning island located where the Cyclades meet the Dodecanese, is packed with exotic beaches, picture-perfect villages and crystal-clear waters. Named after Astypalaia, daughter of Phoenix and Perimedes, the island is a perfect getaway for adventurers looking for a secluded destination. Stroll around the seaside village of Livadia and make a point of visiting the Baths of Talara, known for their mosaics dating from the Hellenistic period. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


Schinoussa is a small island that lies to the south of Naxos. With just three villages, the island is great for hiking aficionados. The small port of Mersini may seem intimidating with its desolate atmosphere, but don’t be fooled; Schinoussa is a small paradise where, contrary to many other islands, you can find sandy beaches like Lioliou, Bazeou, Tsigouri and Livadia. While on the island, don’t miss a walk through Chora (the main town) or go on your own adventure into the wild. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


Part of the Ionian islands, Paxi (or Paxoi) is covered with verdant hills, small bays and exotic beaches. It is said that it was Poseidon, god of the sea, who created the island by breaking it off from Corfu with his trident. The tiny island – only 13 kilometers long – attracts tourists in smaller numbers, but during August it is very hard to find accommodation, so make sure to book ahead of time if you’re planning a trip then. Alternatively, getting to the island is possible from Corfu or from the mainland city of Arta. The island boasts countless beaches, mainly on the eastern coast, but you can reach more secluded ones by hiring a small motorboat for the day as no license is necessary. If you desire even more isolation, then head to Antipaxi, Paxi’s micro-satellite. You won’t regret any bit of your holiday. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


Lying 110 kilometers off the eastern coast of Rhodes, Kastellorizo (also called Megisti) is a charming little island with colorful stone houses, underwater caves to explore and striking natural beauty. The island coast is steep and rocky, which explains why the island doesn’t have long sandy beaches, but it boasts numerous rocky inlets from which you can swim and snorkel. Unmissable sights include the Parasta Cave, the monastery of Agios Giorgos, the kastro (a medieval castle) and the only Lycian Tomb in Greece. And don’t forget to meander the small streets of Palaiokastro! Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


This small island underneath Crete is the southernmost part of Europe. Vastly unspoilt, Gavdos is a haven of tranquility blessed with spectacular wilderness. Though the island is home to only 50 inhabitants, there are a few accommodation options available. Despite the few basic amenities there, less than a dozen tavernas and no ATM (get enough cash out before heading to the island), hundreds of campers flock to Gavdos for a taste of tranquility. The island’s stunning beaches are just begging for you to enjoy long walks on them. Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


Samothraki (or Samothrace) is an isolated island of the northern coast of the Greece. Boasting some of the most diverse ecosystems in the country, this island features one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece: the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. The island’s other sights worth seeing are the medieval castle of the Gateluzi family, a three-aisled early Christian basilica built between 5th and 6th centuries AD, and the archaeological museum. The island is also packed with fresh-water springs, waterfalls and rivers ideal for a refreshing swim. A perfect place for trekking, it also has beautiful pebbly beaches in the southern part of the island; the Beach of the Gardens and Pachia Ammos should definitely be on your list of things to do. But first, visit Loutra (or Therma) and its spa facilities, and relax… Recommended by Ethel Dilouambaka.


Folegandros is an undiscovered island on the southern edge of the Cyclades near Santorini. Its untouched beaches and its architecture captivate sun-seeking visitors. The clifftop village of Hora is one of the most appealing in the Cyclades. The beaches you need to visit include Karavostassis, Vitzetzo and Hohlidia. The island is made for hiking, with the path from Hora’s cemetery to the hilltop church of Panagia offering spectacular sunset views. A far as the island’s cuisine is concerned, try the famous matsata, a typical homemade paste served with roasted lamb and tomato sauce. Recommended by Eva Marda.

Pano Koufonisi

Pano Koufonisi is the smallest and most densely populated island of the Cycladic island group. It has an area of 3.5 km² and 366 residents. Compared to its population, it has one of the biggest fishing fleets in Greece. The island has not long been developped, so the natural beauty and its traditional color are vivid. The best beaches are Loutro, Parianos, Foinikas, Fanos, Italida, and Pori where you can windsurf as well. Recommended by Eva Marda.


Amorgos is situated between the islands of Naxos and Astypalaia. The island boasts scenic bays, underwater caves ideal for diving and golden beaches, most of which are secluded. You can reach them on foot or by boat. Liveros bay is a small, rocky beach. Here lies the impressive shipwreck of ‘The Olympia’, which appears in the film ‘The Big Blue.’ Amorgos is the only place that produces Psimeni Raki: a local homemade liquor which is syrupy sweet. Recommended by Eva Marda.


Donussa is a small island on the southeast side of Cyclades and is located 10 miles north of Amorgos and east of Naxos. The island has one ferry transferring visitors to its undiscovered sandy beaches. Kendros is the largest beach on the island, ideal for free campers. Kalotaritissa is a small cove with clear water and narrow coast surrounded by rocky landscape, making it an ideal environment for total privacy. The Innkeepers’ Festival on July 27 attracts many visitors and includes exhibits of photography, folk art and a treasure hunt. Recommended by Eva Marda.

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