Why You Should Make Corfu Your Next Holiday Destination in Greece

Make time to visit beautiful Vlacherna Monastery on Mouse Island, Corfu
Make time to visit beautiful Vlacherna Monastery on Mouse Island, Corfu | © Cultura Creative Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo
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Corfu is home to lush green scenery, idyllic pine-framed white-sand beaches, historic landmarks and a fascinating food culture that blends sun-ripened Mediterranean produce with influences from the Venetians, who ruled Corfu in the late 1700s and left their pasta traditions behind. It is the second biggest Greek Island in the Ionian Sea and is easily reached from Italy by ferry or from the rest of Europe by aeroplane. Here’s why you should make Corfu your next holiday destination.

1. Discover incredible history in the Old Town

Architectural Landmark

The Liston, Corfu Old Town, Corfu, The Ionian Islands, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe
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The Old Town provides a journey into history. The Liston, an arcaded pedestrian street built during French rule in the early 1800s, was modelled on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris and is a good place to start your exploration. From here, walk to the Spianada – the largest square in Greece and, arguably, Corfu’s liveliest spot. It’s opposite the old Venetian Fortress, a peninsula castle built during the 18th-century occupation of Corfu. Next, stroll the narrow alleys of medieval Campiello, to admire the tall, narrow Venetian buildings or visit some of the museums in the area, including the living history museum Casa Parlante and the Corfu Museum of Asian Art.


2. Visit unusual landmarks


Connected to Corfu by a pedestrian bridge, Vlacherna Monastery is on the picturesque, tiny islet of Pontikonisi (Mouse Island). This landmark – a small, whitewashed building shaded by just one cypress tree – was built in the 17th century and functioned as a nunnery until 1980. Another unique place to discover is Palaio Frourio, a Venetian fortress just east of Corfu Town. When the Venetians took over the island in the late 1700s, they turned the citadel into an artificial island to protect it against three violent Ottoman sieges.

3. The beaches are picture-perfect

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Set your sights on Rovinia, a wonderful beach in Paleokastritsa, 20km (12mi) from Corfu Town, which offers a spectacular landscape of abundant plants and trees, clear turquoise waters and white pebbles. Acharavi, meanwhile, is a wide golden sand beach in the north of the island, famous for its shallow waters which makes it a top spot for families. On the southwest coast of Corfu, Marathias is another long sandy beach with clear waters. Nab a sun lounger and a go on the volleyball court.

4. Marvel at dramatic landscapes

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Cape Drastis near Sidari, Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece, Europe
© imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo

Towards the north of the island, the imposing rocks of Cape Drastis have made this one of the most visited spots on the island. Here, a collection of small sandy beaches and tall white cliffs create a striking contrast against the green shrubbery and sapphire sea. Then there’s the seaside resort of Paleokastritsa, often described as the prettiest corner on the island. It features several beaches and bays, coves and caves with cool, emerald waters, all of them quite safe for kids.

5. Food, glorious food

Restaurant, Greek

Dassia Beach
© Erik Karits / Alamy Stock Photo
Food is serious business in Greece, and Corfu isn’t any different. In the many traditional tavernas, visitors can sample Corfiot dishes prepared from homely recipes and old cooking methods. Don’t miss the signature pastitsada: meat braised in red wine, garlic and onion, then made into into a sauce with fresh tomato and aromatic spices and served on pasta (try it at Taverna Elizabeth). The contemporary food scene merits attention, too, with a few modern restaurants pairing signature products with innovative techniques. Book ahead for a 10-course dinner of experimental, artful plates at Etrusco, widely regarded as one of the best restaurants on the island.

6. Head to pretty mountain villages

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Palia Perithia is the oldest settlement on Corfu and now a ghost village, dating from the 14th century. It’s built on the slopes of Mount Pantokrator, once a strategic position for protecting against pirate attacks and sieges. Only a few elderly inhabitants remain. Most of the population abandoned the hamlet to settle in the more touristy coastal areas. Another picturesque village is Lakones, set on Mount Arakli. The small settlement brims with tavernas and cafes with terraces overlooking the Ionian sea and the coast. There are also several souvenir shops selling traditional Corfiot products and souvenirs.

7. Corfu has unique traditions


Corfu, Greece - April 27, 2019: Corfians throw clay pots from windows and balconies on Holy Saturday to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ
© VASILIS VERVERIDIS / Alamy Stock Photo

The Carnival of Corfu, which takes place in February or March, is a popular celebration which attracts tourists and locals alike. The Liston and Spianada host the Great Parade, which sees people singing and dancing through the streets in colourful Venetian costumes. A month or so later, Easter is perhaps the most heartfelt celebration in Corfu. Several rites take place during the whole Easter week, but the ones on Holy Saturday are the most distinctive. These include the solemn procession and the moment when Corfiots throw large clay jugs from their balconies, which smash on the ground as all the church bells toll in joy.


8. Spend time with the locals

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Proud of their island and their traditions, locals would first address themselves as Corfiots and then as Greek. Thanks to their culture, rich past and traditions, Corfiots are hospitable and welcoming to visitors. As a general trait, they enjoy long conversations in any given cafe, taking life at an easy pace, one step at a time. Spending time with the locals in Corfu will usually involve dancing, singing and playing music, plus plenty of eating and drinking – always in good company.

This is an updated version of an article originally by Ethel Dilouambaka.

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