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Top Things To Do And See In Nicosia, Cyprus
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Top Things To Do And See In Nicosia, Cyprus

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Nicosia is a town in Cyprus that bears the many of the beautiful landmarks that reveal the island’s fascinating past. From sun soaked, crumbling monuments, to world-class galleries that exhibit the unique and vibrant Cypriot art scene, here is a list of some essential stops on your trip to Nicosia.

Machairas Monastery

The monastery is situated high in the Cypriot hills and surrounded by ochre dust and lush green trees. This building, with its rustic brick walls, and red roof tiles is visually stunning, appearing so at home atop the hill, it could have easily sprouted from the ground. The interior is clean and cool with an ancient church within that is definitely worth a visit. This is a prime location to enjoy an atmosphere of spiritual peace and tranquility.

Machairas Monastery, Mountains near Lazania, Nicosia, Cyprus, +357 22 359334

Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia

Like the beating heart of the town itself, this museum falls right in the center of Nicosia and is hugely popular with locals and tourists due to it’s ever changing and intriguing exhibitions. Documenting much of Cyprus’ multi-faceted and noble past, you can expect to find engaging exhibits, clear information in Greek, Turkish and English respectively, and a cool interior that makes a welcome break from the baking sun. Admission is free so this makes a great stop for a keen historian and for families.

Leventis Municipal Museum, 15 -17 Hippocrates Street, Laiki Yitonia, Nicosia, Cyprus, +357-22-661475

Sacred Temple Of Virgin Mary Faneromenis

As an island of mixed faith, Cyprus and all of its towns contain beautiful historical relics of Islamic and Christian origin. The Sacred Temple Of Virgin Mary Faneromenis is no exception. It is still a functioning house of worship and all are welcome to attend services as well as marvel at the antiques, the intricate murals and benefit from the many scenic walks around the building. The church is the largest in the old part of Nicosia and its exquisite Venetian architecture are a marvel and a delight. It’s elegant structure has led to it being called the ‘Lady of Nicosia’ and is well worth a visit.

Sacred Temple of Virgin Faneromenis, Faneromenis 53a, Nicosia, Cyprus

Segway Tours

This newest craze in leisurely transportation makes a novel and fun way for you to explore this beautiful city. Many agree that this is the best way to view many of the town’s unmissable landmarks. As well as receiving a Segway, some basic training and safety talks, your groups will be provided with a guide. This guise will be an expert on the local area and will use their native knowledge to make your tour fun, educational and unlike any other tour provided in Cyprus! Don’t delay to sign up as all skill levels are catered for.

Segway Tours, Aischylou 77a | Old town center, Nicosia,Cyprus, +357-22-763736

Cyprus Museum
History Museum
Sculptures at the Cyprus Museum, the oldest and largest archaeological museum in Nicosia, Cyprus

Sculptures displayed at the Cyprus Museum, Nicosia | © Sergey Galyonkin / Flickr

Cyprus Museum

This building is in every way emblematic of the pride that Cypriots have in their heritage and culture. This museum takes visitors through the tumultuous and significant role that this tiny island had in European history. Meander through many immaculate and well-presented relics for a unique cultural experience. This is an excellent way to distill centuries of history into one fantastic experience.

The Cyprus Museum, 1 Museum st., Nicosia, Cyprus, +357 22 865854

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Hamam Omerye

One of the most iconic Turkish experiences offered to tourists is a visit to the hamam or ‘Turkish bath’. Part intense cleanse and part massage you will be treated to relaxation so deep and so rejuvenating, you’ll leave feeling fresh, revitalized and raving about your time. The hamam is immaculate and its brick walls and high arching beams evoke the perfect shabby-chic interior for you to enjoy this luxury experience in. If there is one thing your do during your time in Nicosia, we couldn’t recommend this higher.

Hamam Omerye, 8 Tyllirias Square, Nicosia, Cyprus, +357 22 460006

If there is one thing your do during your time in Nicosia, we couldn’t recommend this higher © Courtesy of Hamam Omerye

If there is one thing your do during your time in Nicosia, we couldn’t recommend this higher © Courtesy of Hamam Omerye

Ayios Antonios Municipal Market

The open market is one of the most authentically cultural locations in Nicosia. In this market you’ll be able to sample some of the islands fresh and locally grown produce. The farming industry on the island still provides the livelihood of many of its inhabitants and so the market is often a bustling social hub for the community. For those of you keen to see the ‘real’’ Cyprus, you can look no further than the open market.

Ayios Antonios Municipal Market, Konstantinou Paleologou Av. (Old Nicosia), Nicosia, Cyprus

The Archbishop’s Palace

The Archbishop’s Palace is the official home residence of the Cypriot bishop. It is an essential stop for both spiritual and secular tourists. The impressive landmark is influenced by neo-Byzantine architecture between 1956 and 1960. The building itself is not open to the public but the grounds host a number of historically and culturally significant buildings including such as The Byzantine museum and the Folk Art Museum.

The Archbishop’s Palace, Isokratous, Nicosia, Cyprus