Germany, Europe

Germany, Europe


In many ways, Germany is a gateway to the full European experience, connecting north to south, east to west. It’s as central to the continent’s past, present and future as it is to its geography.

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It’s also a place that cherishes the old and the new in equal measure – classical symphonies meet underground techno scenes, forward-thinking cities embrace folkloric traditions, and medieval towns are given just as much care as the cutting-edge architecture of modern cityscapes.

From trendy Eastern cities like Berlin and Leipzig, to the Rhineland’s old world charm and Bavaria’s warm embrace, via picturesque countryside views, winding river trails, snowy peaks and densely rich forestry, Germany has a little something for everyone.

And let’s not forget that this is the place to be come December. Giant trees spring up, streets both old and new light up in a warm festive hue and epic markets return to show the rest of the world how it’s done. Have you really experienced Christmas if you haven’t sipped a soul-soothing mug of gluhwein (mulled wine) in an old German town?

Culture Trip is ready to give you that authentic yuletide experience with our Merry Munich trip, where we give you a proper taste of classic Bavaria. Traditional beer halls, fairytale castles, underground brewing traditions and, of course, multiple world-class Christmas markets star in our four-day Mini Trip in Munich and Nuremberg – two of the country’s most famously festive cities.