Where To Go Eco-Friendly Shopping In Bangkok

Where To Go Eco-Friendly Shopping In Bangkok
Why not put your purchases to good use? These eco-friendly shops are changing the way we splurge, with items and goods that actually help, as oppose to hurt, the earth. Here, a guide to eco-friendly shopping in Bangkok.


Furniture does not get any more environmentally-friendly than it does at Deesawat. Their award-winning designs speaks volumes of their work towards minimizing their ecological footprint. For example, one of their designer’s pieces titled ‘Lamp Up’ received runner-up for the Gift and Home Decorative Design Award in 2009 in Thailand. The lamp resembles a power plant factory, which is meant to remind those who use the lamp to save electricity and turn it off when not in use. The company was founded in 1972, and all of its pieces are impeccably designed by a team of over 200 skilled workers.

Deesawat, 71/9 Moo. 3 Changwatana Road, K. Taladbangkean, Laksi, Bangkok, Thailand, +66 02 521 1341

Deesawat noon collection #deesawat

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Green Net Cooperative

The entire family can get behind Green Net Cooperative, one of the best places in the city to find planet and kid-friendly items. All of the fabrics used in their products are organic, including their cotton diaper, made from handspun cotton and silk. In addition to their fabrics, Green Net Cooperative sells a variety of rice products, as well as a few other food goods, including vegetables, beans, and herbal teas. If you have a little one on your hands, be sure to check out this particular eco-friendly store.
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Khaokho Talaypu

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The idea of eco-friendly shopping usually goes hand-in-hand with a high price tag. From organic products to grocery stores, buyers know that purchasing items that are environmentally friendly usually ends up a bit pricier. This is not the case with Khaokho Talaypu. Since the brand began in 1987, it has pledged to only use ingredients that were completely natural and free of chemicals. Khaokho Talaypu has a range of products to choose from, including those which target personal care, home and spa, as well as health, wellness, and even food. In addition to being environmentally friendly, all of Khaokho Talaypu’s products are budget-friendly, as well. For example, a bottle of their butterfly pea herbal hair shampoo only costs ฿70 (less than $2).
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Shades of Retro

Shades of Retro may appear to be just a bar selling pricey alcoholic beverages. Look past all of the cool kids and hipsters, however, and see that this bar is also a secondhand store of sorts, and all of the seemingly random stuff on the walls is actually up for sale. Shopping secondhand is great for the environment and for the community, so put your money to good use by reducing, reusing, recycling, and maybe having a drink or two and this awesome venue.

Shades of Retro, 808/12 Soi Tararom 2, Sukhumvit 55 Road, Bangkok, Thailand, +66 02 714 9450

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(Un)Fashion Vintage

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(un) FASHION Cafe
(un) FASHION Cafe | Courtesy of Kelly Iverson

In addition to an adorable coffee shop (make that two) perfect for settling in with your favorite caffeinated beverage, this café has so much more to offer guests than just its delicious food and coffee. Right outside the café is every secondhand enthusiast’s dream, with enough leather bags, shoes, and more to have you searching through its abundance of items for what seems like forever. Both shops are tiny and quaint, yet somehow they are both overflowing with secondhand and used items from Italy, the United States, and other Western countries. The shops are open every day from 12pm to 9pm (the cafes open earlier). Take the BTS Skytrain to station Ekkamai, and the shops are a short motorbike taxi from the train.

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Save Earth Store

We will take any excuse we can get to go to the Bankok Art and Cultural Centre. Roaming around its pristine white walkways and viewing the plethora of art on its walls is absolutely free, and the cool restaurants, cafés, and shops are simply an added bonus. Save Earth Store is no exception. It is here visitors of this gallery will find an eco-friendly store with green products throughout. With a name like Save Earth Store, and with a logo reading ‘the store for all mankind,’ customers will be at ease knowing their baht is being well spent. The store promotes energy conservation and eco-friendly designs, so feel free to shop until you drop at Save Earth Store.

Eco Shop Common

Eco Shop Common is another store located inside of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. All of the items in the store are designed to be eco-friendly, with an abundance of both international and Thai products for sale. From stationery to hair products, Eco Shop Common has everything one needs to be both fashionable and green.

TUBA Design Furniture & Restaurant

From analog clocks to typewriters, stepping into TUBA Design Furniture & Restaurant makes you feel as though you have traveled back in time. Whether visitors are hoping to redecorate an interior or simply browse through these secondhand, stylish goods, TUBA Design Furniture & Restaurant is simply overflowing with items worth exploring. Did we mention that it is also a restaurant? If visitors work up an appetite while exploring this venue’s seemingly endless secondhand items, TUBA Design Furniture & Restaurant is also serves Italian and Thai cuisine for customers to enjoy.

Tuba, 34 Ekkamai 21, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand, +66 02 539 8220