The 5 Best Snorkelling Spots in Koh Rok, Thailand

Koh Rok island, Krabi, Thailand
Koh Rok island, Krabi, Thailand | © Tiwakorn Dhupagupta / Shutterstock
Koh Rok is a pair of small islands in the Andaman Sea. Part of Mu Ko Lanta National Park, they offer great snorkelling and underwater adventures. With approximately one mile of gorgeous reef, here are the best places to snorkel and spot an array of marine life.

Bermuda Ridge

The eastern channel of Koh Rok Nai (the inner island) is sometimes referred to as Bermuda Ridge. There’s a line of coral reef that has held some of its colour, despite much bleaching in the area, and many sea creatures inhabit the reef. Large schools of fish swim past snorkellers and you can normally get pretty close to the colourful clownfish for terrific underwater photography.

Marine life at Koh Rok island, Krabi, Thailand © Karntiphat Changrua / Shutterstock

Siam Bay

Siam Bay is a beautiful beach on Koh Rok Nai (the outer island). The bay has fine white sand and you can snorkel a short way from the shore. Drift above the rocks, sandy ocean floor, and coral reefs to spot aquatic creatures like anemones, angelfish, and lionfish.

Laemson Bay

Laemson Bay is another of Koh Rok’s attractive beaches where you can enjoy great snorkelling close to the shore. The clear blue waters usually have excellent visibility, providing awesome views of diverse marine life. While pufferfish and angelfish are common sights, snorkellers might also see barracudas, pipefish, scorpionfish, and others. People into macro-photography should keep their eyes open for nudibranchs, harlequin shrimps, and crabs.

Nudibranch at Koh Rok, Thailand © Arnon Polin / Shutterstock

Seafan Garden

Seafan Garden takes its nickname from a type of coral that is particularly abundant in the area. Seafan corals have a horny fan-shape appearance and can come in different colours. As with all corals, snorkellers should be careful not to touch or damage the coral and you should definitely not remove any pieces, either living or dead. Various species of fish swim around the corals.

Pakrong Bay

Providing easy access to the stunning reef, Pakrong Bay is another top snorkelling spot in Koh Rok. In addition to the smaller, colourful fish, lucky visitors might see moray eels, sea turtles, and sea snakes. It’s also sometimes possible to see whale sharks and black tip reef sharks in the waters around Koh Rok.

Sea turtle at Koh Rok © Tracey Jones Photography / Shutterstock

Getting to Koh Rok

There is no public transportation to the islands of Koh Rok. Independent travellers can arrange a private boat transfer from Krabi, Trang, and Phuket, or there are several operators that run snorkelling day trips to Koh Rok.

Day trips may also include some of the Trang Islands or Koh Haa and time for sunbathing and swimming is also often included in the itinerary. Basic accommodations are available close to the ranger station during the high season, with tents the best option for budget explorers.