Thailand's 10 Biggest YouTubers

Which Thai YouTubers will you follow?
Which Thai YouTubers will you follow? | © Noli Fernan "Dudut" Perez / Flickr
Photo of Sarah Williams
28 April 2018

YouTube is incredibly popular in Thailand, with Thais spending millions of hours watching YouTube videos each year. Local YouTubers cover everything from music and gaming to beauty, travel, education, and entertainment. Here are some the biggest YouTubers from Thailand.


Pearypie has 335,000-plus YouTube subscribers and a healthy following on other social media channels too. The personality behind Pearypie is Amata Chittasenee, a professional make-up artist who shows women how to use make up to look great. As well as make-up tips, tricks, and product reviews and recommendations, Pearypie also offers style and fashion advice and hair-care tips and tutorials. From day-to-day casual looks to super glamorous styles and creative experiments, Pearypie encourages women to be passionate and have fun with their appearance.

Become a make-up genius | © Mainstream / Flickr

Ying Yae

Nontaporn Teerawatanasuk, commonly known as Ying Yae, is another popular Thai beauty and fashion YouTuber. She was previously a promoter before becoming a full-time blogger and vlogger. Her YouTube channel, Yae uunws, has almost 422,000 subscribers. She is vivacious and energetic with a quirky and loveable sense of humour. Unafraid of looking silly in front of the camera, and eager to let everyday women in on the secrets behind the life of a beauty promoter, she is followed by ladies who want to use her tips to effortlessly look good.

PuPe So Sweet

One for guys who want to maintain a youthful appearance, PuPe So Sweet has racked up almost 30,500 subscribers by giving men honest and useful reviews on diverse skin care products. Indeed, he is often referred to as the “skin care master”. He looks at everything from facial sprays, eye creams, and controversial whitening lotions, to home facial massagers, face masks, and moisturisers.

Get tips on skin care for men | © Adrian Clark / Flickr

Tongtang Bombie

Tongtang Bombie is a Thai YouTube sensation that appeals to the Thai sense of sanook (fun); the channel is filled with hilarious parodies of popular music videos. With almost one and half million subscribers, it’s clear that the comedic efforts are appreciated. Individual videos get tons of views, and there are a few pranks and jokes scattered among the parodies.


VRZO was originally started by three friends filming in a bedroom, but they became so popular that they’ve expanded into a full office complete with a team of around 40. They have posted more than 800 videos and have attracted more than four and a half million subscribers. They appeal to curious people who like a laugh. The team asks diverse questions to members of the public, showing people’s raw reactions and polling the results at the end of each video. They also have gaming fans and post a wide range of videos on varying topics.

Tiger Cry Channel

Tiger Cry Channel is run by a group of friends who love making people laugh. Indeed, they aim to make people laugh so much that they cry! They joined YouTube in August 2012 and have amassed 960,000-plus followers since that time. Their videos include spoofs and parodies, controversial questions (dealt with in a light-hearted manner), and public polls.

Joy Buasi

Joy Buasi grew up in Isan’s Sisaket and she developed an interest in cooking and food. Her YouTube channel is called Joy’s Thai Food, and she has a following of almost 14,000 other foodies. She has tons of tutorials to help people make their own favourite Thai dishes at home, including chicken larb, stir-fried veggies, som tam, yom tam, and the perfect pad Thai. There’s a great selection of Thai desserts too, as well as things like how to wrap a banana leaf and how to grow sweet basil. Unlike many Thai YouTubers, she speaks in English in many of her videos.

Learn how to make pad Thai | © Winfried Mosler / Flickr

Kan Atthakorn

Kan Atthakorn has more than two and a half million followers on YouTube. He could perhaps be best described as a Thai self-help guru. He uses his own life and experiences to give insights, tips, and guidance regarding money matters and happiness. The content is diverse, including videos on nailing an interview, games, travel, hobbies, product reviews, boxing, eating the hottest pepper in the world, and even dyeing his grandmother’s hair.

Thai with Mod

Anyone who wants to improve their Thai language skills should definitely check out Thai with Mod. Mod’s 33,000 subscribers can work on their pronunciation of Thai words, pick up grammar tips, learn new vocabulary, perfect useful phrases, and see the links between the Thai language and culture. Mod makes learning fun, with a focus on things that are useful for everyday interactions in the Land of Smiles.


Thaitrick is one of the most popular creative and DIY-focused YouTube channels in Thailand. The videos are easy to follow no matter what language you speak and there are heaps of advice on inventive ideas that you can implement in your own home. There are amusing videos as well as life hacks. From hairspray hacks, sponge hacks, and how to make flowers from toilet paper, as well as from fun food for kids, ways to reuse plastic bottles, and to cool kitchen hacks, you’re sure to come across heaps of new ideas. The channel doesn’t display the number of subscribers, but their videos have had 362,000,000-plus views since the channel started in 2015.

There are loads of craft ideas at Thaitrick | © Deborah Lee Soltesz / Flickr