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Colourful traditional Moroccan fashions | © Amjahed/WikiCommons
Colourful traditional Moroccan fashions | © Amjahed/WikiCommons
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10 Top Fashion Boutiques in Agadir

Picture of Sarah Williams
Updated: 7 January 2018
Moroccan men and women, in common with many people around the world, often love to look stylish. There are many places to buy clothes around the nation, from market stalls to high-end malls and department stores. Here are some of the best places to buy trendy and traditional garments in Agadir.
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Marwa Agadir

Marwa Agadir is a fairly large clothing store in the heart of Agadir’s main tourist area, close to the beach and harbour. It specialises in women’s fashion, with a wide range of clothing and accessories on neatly arranged rails and shelves. It’s a great place to pick up western fashions.

Marwa Agadir, Near Rue la Plage, Agadir

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Berbere Shop

For something a bit more traditional, check out Berbere Shop in the large Souk el Had. There’s a wide selection of clothing for both men and women, with abayas, djellabas, head scarves, and other traditional Moroccan clothing items. The boutique also has a smaller collection of western-style items.

Berbere Shop, 16, Souk el Had, Agadir

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With affordable prices and items for women, men, and children, Diamantine has traditional Moroccan designs. For women, there are many elegant dresses in various colours, djellabas, kaftans, stylish shoes, capes, bags, shawls, ponchos, and more. Men can peruse items like jabadours, djellabas, and tunics. The shop also has a range of cosmetics and toiletries.

Diamantine, N° 9 & 10., Avenue Mohammed V, Agadir, +212 5282-80548

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Lita is a fairly small fashion boutique in Agadir. Catering primarily to women and girls, it’s close to the Agadir Memorial Museum. It sells almost anything that a woman would need for a beach vacation, with robes, bathing costumes, beach dresses, sandals, shorts, and similar. Many pieces are bright and colourful.

Lita, 88 Bis, Passage Ave. des Far, Agadir, +212 668-028434

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Located a short way from Agadir’s main tourist area, and on the way towards Adrar Stadium, Afilal sells an assortment of clothing for women. Most items are fairly conservative, reflecting the local clothing culture and a preference for items that are seen to be in keeping with religious values.

Afilal, Erac Bouargane, 51 Avenue Imam Boukhari, Agadir

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One of the more fancy fashion boutiques in Agadir, Celio can be found at the marina. It is part of the French-owned company. The helpful members of staff are always willing to advise and assist customers. Clothes are neatly ordered and you’ll find smart and smart-casual pieces for men.

Celio, Route Marina, Agadir, +212 5288-27525

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Stradivarius is a small fashion shop at Agadir marina. It has an assortment of European-style clothing for women, with dresses, skirts, trousers, leggings, shirts, and similar.

Stradivarius, Complexe De La Marina D’Agadir, Residence 08 Quai Est, Agadir, +212 5288-48191

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Ma Vie

A stylish fashion boutique at Agadir marina, Ma Vie translates from French into English as My Life. The store has a wide collection of chic day-to-day clothing for both men and women as well as for kids, and there are also daring (by Moroccan standards) items for partying and nights on the town. There are many matching bags and shoes as well as diverse clothing pieces.

Ma Vie, Route Marina, Agadir, +212 5288-47071

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Wild Clothing

Wild Clothing is situated close to Souk el Had. Specialising in men’s fashion, items include jeans, trousers, sweaters, jackets, shoes, shorts, shirts, and t-shirts. Various sizes, styles, and colours are available and the items are neatly arranged to make browsing easy. Most items are casual. Prices are reasonable.

Wild Clothing, Agadir, +212 636-056954

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Boutique Maroc n Roll

A top store for anyone who loves surf fashions or who needs to purchase surf gear and clothing for their stay in Agadir. Boutique Maroc n Roll is situated in the surfer’s paradise of Taghazout. There are t-shirts, shorts, shirts, caps, and bathing suits for men, women, and children, as well as a range of surf and beach accessories.

Boutique Maroc n Roll, Centre de Taghazout, Rive Droite, Agadir