The Best Rooftop Bars And Restaurants In Lima

Photo of A. J. Samuels
9 February 2017

Lima’s mix of urban and coastal makes for incredible views and accommodating weather year-round. With our guide to the best rooftop bars and restaurants, experience the city from the comfort of a bar stool. Upscale dining establishments and rowdy bars alike offer incredible atmospheres, breathtaking views and Peru’s national drink – the pisco sour. Check out these high-rise spots in the capital city.

Costa verde. Miraflores. Lima, Peru | © DiNo/Flickr

Planeta Bar Terraza Rock

Bar, Peruvian
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Plaza San Martin
Plaza San Martin | © McKay Savage/Flickr
The cosmic-themed Planeta Bar offers live rock music and incredible views. Planeta’s rooftop terrace looks onto Lima’s Plaza San Martin – especially spectacular at night when its colonial architecture and lush greenery is lit up. Enjoy fried bar snacks and glasses of Cusqueña beer while taking in a live show. The small stage creates an intimate rock show venue, while the rooftop terrace offers a quiet place to sit and take in the city below.

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  • Hostel Kokopelli

    Hostel, Hotel
    Map View

    Known as one of Lima’s best hostels, Kokopelli also boasts an eclectic rooftop bar. This spot in the heart of the Miraflores district has a rowdy atmosphere, with nightly events and plenty of young backpackers frequenting the bar. The free shots and happy hour, along with the occasional live band and D.J., turn the bar into a party which lasts until the early morning. During the day, the hostel bar is a great meeting place for solo travelers, with plenty of lounging areas, a foosball table and big screen T.V.s. Travelers have been known to book the hostel purely based on its party reputation.

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Bar at the Belmond Miraflores Park Hotel

    Map View
    Catedral de Lima
    Catedral de Lima | © Ms643/WikiCommons
    The Park Hotel’s elegant bar feels more like a study, with leather sofas, bookcases and dim lighting. The dark wood bar serves pisco cocktails and gourmet small plates. Locals and guests alike mingle on the tenth floor lounge. Wander up the wooden stairs to the top floor and you will be greeted by an incredible panoramic view of Lima.

    Souk Bar at the Radisson Hotel

    Map View
    Avenida José Pardo
    Avenida José Pardo | © Nico Swart/Flickr
    Craft cocktails, good food and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean make this spot a coveted evening venue. This modern bar occupies a terrace by the pool. A short distance from the hustle-and-bustle of Miraflores, the Souk Bar is a comfortable yet polished place to enjoy sushi and drinks, or a nightcap before bed. As always, the pisco sour is the main feature, but Souk’s blended tropical drinks are well-worth a try too.

    Estelar Miraflores Hotel

    Map View
    On the 21st floor of the Estelar Hotel lies a beautiful dining room and bar with panoramic views of the city. Guests at the hotel will appreciate complimentary drinks and the breakfast buffet, while limeños dine at Estelar for special occasions. The bar in the middle offers great night-time panoramas of the Lima skyline. Enjoy a drink at the Estelar 21 stories up.