Best Places to Watch the World Cup in Lima, Peru

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You may find yourself in Lima looking to watch the World Cup. In the panic right before your team is about play, you may not know where to go in the city to watch it. The city is so big and the options seem endless—but this list should help. Here are the best places to watch the World Cup in Lima.

1. Barranco Beer Company

Bar, American, South American, Peruvian

Drink a beer at one of Barrancos best bars
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This is your most typical American sports bar. The walls are covered with large TVs and a giant projection screen that they use for the really big games. There are two stories of TVs and tables, which are all packed when it’s game day. They also brew some of the best beer in Lima and offer travelers an escape from the ubiquitous Peruvian Pilsner. They offer IPAs, lagers, ales, stouts, and porters—oh, and they also boast delicious food. If there’s likely to be any complaint, it would only be that you don’t feel like you’re in Lima anymore.

2. Juanito's

Bar, Sandwich Shop, Peruvian

Juanito’s has been a Barranco staple for a long time. It used to be the place where socialists came to talk over cocktails, but now—with the addition of TV screens—the classic beer and sandwich shop is a wonderful and lively place to watch a game. There is very limited seating, so make sure to come early.

3. The Corner Sports Bar & Grill

Bar, Sandwich Shop, Peruvian, American, South American

This is another classic American sports bar lined with televisions. It has a great and rowdy atmosphere for the big games, with many viewers sporting their team’s jerseys. The food isn’t quite as robust as some of the others on the list, but it’s a great place to drink.

Miraflores Casinos

The sports sections of these casinos are always packed with gamblers, and there are a lot of TV screens. Sports gambling is legal in Peru, and Peruvians take full advantage of this fact. One could hang out there all day, watching and wagering on games. If you do want to gamble on the games, you have to make the bet in person at the sports books.

Watch some soccer and gamble while you’re doing it

Any of the popular hostels

Hostels are a great place to watch games with fellow travelers. Every hostel will have a bar with a TV screen and will play important games throughout the World Cup. Most offer great drink deals during the World Cup games to keep fans from leaving to go to other bars. The best hostels to watch the games at are Dragonfly Hostel, Point Hostel, 1900s Backpacker Hostel, and Kokopelli.

Enjoy some drinks while watching sports

Corner tienda

The most authentically Peruvian experience is watching the game at a little corner tienda. Everyone knows each other here, creating a communal vibe for cheering teams along. The corner stores and bars are where most Peruvians will be watching the World Cup games.

4. Bodega Piselli

Bar, Bodega, South American

Barranco’s long-time favorite bar feels as if it transplants you back 20 or 30 years. The vibes are original and the drinks are the best prices you’ll find in a Lima bar. They have one TV in the main room that everyone’s chair will be turned toward. Even if you don’t watch the game here, Piselli is still worth a visit for the classic experience.

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