The Best Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Lima

Peruvian Mercado | © Brian Ralphs/Flickr
Peruvian Mercado | © Brian Ralphs/Flickr
The secret to finding great secondhand and vintage clothing in Lima, Peru, as elsewhere, is to know where to look. In such a big city that can be hard, but fear not. Here is our guide to the best ferias and markets that Lima has to offer thrifty shoppers.

The best place to go for secondhand clothes in Lima is undoubtedly the ferias, which are hybrids between chilli cook-offs and flea markets. You’ll find everything from clothes, records, and art to craft beer, food, and music. They can be a Friday night out, or a place to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon.

Feria Barranco

You won’t be able to miss it. Right off a main street in Barranco, you’ll see the bubbles – that’s right, the bubbles. Once the feria opens for business, a bubble machine sends out thousands of bubbles that drift all the way to the street. This feria has everything from live music to craft beer and used and locally made clothing.

Feria Barranco, Jr. Unión 108, Lima 15063, Lima, Peru

Retro Feria-Mercado de Pulgas

This feria is in the upscale district of Miraflores, only a couple of blocks away from a the boardwalk, which offers a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. Here you’ll find independent clothing companies and a huge amount of vintage clothing, much of it from the ’80s.

Retro Feria-Mercado de Pulgas, Av. Almte. Miguel Grau 61, Lima 15063, Lima, Peru

San Francisco Galería Artesanal

The markets around the historical center of Lima are the cheapest, and are easier to get to than Gran Mercado Artesanal. This is but one option in the area – after walking around and enjoying the colonial architecture, you’ll come across many more.

San Francisco Galería Artesanal, Jirón Lampa 216, Cercado de Lima 15001, Lima, Peru