The Best Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Lima

Peruvian Mercado | © Brian Ralphs/Flickr
Peruvian Mercado | © Brian Ralphs/Flickr
Photo of Brandon Dupre
4 July 2017

The secret to finding great secondhand and vintage clothing in Lima, Peru, as elsewhere, is to know where to look. In such a big city that can be hard, but fear not. Here is our guide to the best ferias and markets that Lima has to offer thrifty shoppers.

The best place to go for secondhand clothes in Lima is undoubtedly the ferias, which are hybrids between chilli cook-offs and flea markets. You’ll find everything from clothes, records, and art to craft beer, food, and music. They can be a Friday night out, or a place to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon.