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Peru is well known for its ceviche, the delicious dish consisting of fresh fish marinated in lime juice with hot peppers. As anyone traveling to Peru will learn, Peruvians love their ceviche. It is found everywhere you go – and yes, it is even available in Cusco now. Peru’s most celebrated dish is nothing short of delicious, and here is our guide to the very best in Peruvian ceviche.

The North

While Lima steals all the headlines, among Peruvians there is no better food than in the north of Peru. Fresh fish and (especially) tuna abounds and, with delicious cevicherias on every corner, it is hard to argue against it. Ask a Peruvian and they’ll tell you: the best food comes from the north.



Hidden away on the north end of Mancora, this cevicheria is truly a hidden gem. The two-story building, which overlooks a Mancora school, offers some of the best ceviche in Peru, and at the best prices around. Before the lime shortage in the north of Peru – limes are very important to ceviche because the citrus in the limes is what “cooks” the raw fish – a ceviche de pescado, the standard, one-fish ceviche, cost 10 soles ($3). You won’t find better prices for ceviche in Peru. You can find all the freshest versions of all the ceviche classics here, such as conchas negras and ceviche mixto, and all at great prices. Although a bit far from the main area in Mancora, this restaurant is worth the short taxi ride. You’ll probably come back again before you leave Mancora.

Jasusi cdra 8 av. Grau Panamericana, Mancora, Peru, +51 982541333

Los Delfines

The location is hard to beat: right on the beach, with a second story that offers a beautiful view of the ocean. They serve all the ceviche classics at a very decent price, considering its prime location across the from the beach and on the busy road that spits you out to the beach. The highlight of this restaurant is that at night they bring out the barbecue and cook their fish a la parrilla for all to see. Order an entire octopus, watch it grilled, and then enjoy. It is a must.

Los Delfines, Mancora, Peru


Lima gets all the accolades and attention for a reason: it is the center of progressive Peruvian gastronomy and fine dining. It’s Peru’s largest city and a melting pot of different cultures that is reflected in its unique and cutting-edge dishes. Despite its image as the contemporary capital of Latin American gastronomy, Lima still offers classic cevicherias in addition to more experimental fusion restaurants.


This restaurant is owned by a fisherman and his wife the cook, who prepares her husband’s fresh catch into delicious ceviche and seafood dishes. By all marks, it is truly a family-owned business. The decorations are as authentic as you can get, with colorful nets, oars, and other fishing gear lining the walls – items actually used when out on the water. The fish is as fresh as it gets, caught in the morning by family and friends to ensure the best ceviche. This unassuming restaurant has Peru’s most accomplished and dignified people heading to Chorrillos for a good meal.

Sonia’s, La Rosa Lozano Y Tirado 173, Distrito de Chorrillos, Lima, Peru, +51 12516693

Chez Wong

From the first story of his house, Javier Wong prepares some of the best ceviche in Lima. Located in the lesser-known neighborhood of Santa Catalina, Chez Wong was visited by Anthony Bourdain and should be visited by anyone who visits Lima. The fish is fresh and you’ll be eating ceviche from a living Lima legend.

Chez Wong, Enrique León García 114, Lima, Peru, +51 14706217
La Mar Cebichería
A short walk from the Miraflores boardwalk, La Mar is an upscale cevicheria. With a beautiful ambience and outdoor seating, as well as delicious ceviche and unique dishes, there’s nothing not to love about this delightful spot. You can find Peruvian ceviche classics, as well as innovative takes on traditional dishes.
La Mar Cebicheria, Av Mariscal La Mar 770, Lima, Peru, +51 14213365

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