Where to See the Best Panoramic Views in Peru

Peruvian landscape
Peruvian landscape | © 12019 / Pixabay
Brandon Dupre

Peru is a country filled with enchanting landscapes and remarkable ruins, meaning there’s no shortage of spectacular views. From the desert to the Andes and the Amazon, each region offers something different and 100% unique. Here are the very best views in the country to seek out and marvel at.

Colca Canyon

There are so many good things that you can say about Colca Canyon, but let this one suffice: it is one of the deepest canyons in the world, and nearly twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. There are many lookout points all around the rim of the canyon, and these are the best places to see a stupendous view, especially at sunset. You may even catch a glimpse of the giant Andean condor.

A condor over Colca Canyon


If you read anything about traveling in Peru, Huaraz is almost sure to come up. This little town has become a hotbed for trekkers who are looking to hike the Peruvian Andes. On any of the multi-day treks you’ll come across sweeping views of snowcapped mountains and pristine landscapes.

Machu Picchu

The highlight of most people’s trip to Peru, atop Machu Picchu you’ll have a view of the ruins around you, the mountains next to you and the Urambamba River below. No trip to Peru is complete without gazing out at these famous ruins in the sky.

Machu Picchu


The ruins at Pisac sit on top of a mountainside and offer stunning views over the entire valley. Not only are you looking over remarkable Inca ruins, but the valleys and mountains beyond are equally impressive.


If you’re able to make the hike to the sacred mountain in the Cusco area, you’ll be more than happily rewarded. The juxtaposition of the sparkling snowcapped mountains and the green valleys alone is worth the trek.


You don’t even have to leave Lima to catch one of Peru’s best views. Head to Miraflores‘ boardwalk and wait; if the sun is out, magic will happen. To one side of you are upscale apartments and to the other, the Pacific Ocean.

Paracas, Peru


The rugged landscape of Paracas is like nowhere else in the world. A reddish-orange desert runs into the Pacific Ocean, where fishing boats abound.

Huacachina dunes

Hike to the top of these orange sand mountains just outside of Ica. It is one of Peru’s most unique landscapes and a view that you’ll never forget.

Huacachina, Peru


The Kuélap ruins just made the New York Times’ 52 places to go in 2018 list, meaning you’d better go now, before it gets overrun by tourists. With the newly installed cable cars it is an easy ascent to the top, where you’ll find the Kuélap people’s city on the mountain, overlooking the valley below.

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