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The 10 Best Restaurants In Pittsburgh
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Pittsburgh

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Pittsburgh’s been making headlines recently as an up -and-coming city that integrates both the old and new. Local chefs have captured this vibe with creative and inspiring menus filled with fresh takes on traditional dishes. We list the top dining experiences Pittsburgh has to offer.
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Salt of the Earth

Offering a variety of seasonal items using locally produced ingredients, Salt of the Earth is a must for fans of modernist cuisine. The open kitchen and communal tables on the first floor creates a cozy dining room, while the mezzanine level overlooking the restaurant below provides a more intimate experience. The menu and seating variety provides a friendly experience for solo diners, as well as a cozy option for date night.

Address & Phone: Salt of the Earth, 5523 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, +1 412 441 7258

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Meat and Potatoes

Open seven days a week for brunch, lunch, dinner, and late night, Meat and Potatoes exudes an inviting pub atmosphere, with sophisticated food and a well crafted drink menu. The menu offers a decadent take on downhome favorites. Their brunch, heralded throughout Pittsburgh, is a must.

Address & Phone: Meat and Potatoes, 649 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, +1 412 325 7007

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The head Chef of Cure, is not only an expert at meat-heavy meals, but creates great vegetable dishes as well. With a rotating menu, Cure provides a spectacular dining experience inspired by the season. In addition to a unique dining experience, the restaurant holds a variety of events, including butchering demonstrations and barbeques.

Address & Phone: Cure, 5336 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, +1 412 252 2595

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Sienna Mercato

In the heart of Pittsburgh’s cultural district, Sienna Mercato brings together three unique dining options under one roof. Emporio features gourmet meatballs, including a vegetarian option, and 32 craft beers. At Mezzo, enjoy gourmet Italian food, such as imaginative pastas and wood-fired pizzas. Enjoy light food and an expansive draft beer list at Il Tetto, the rooftop beer garden that offers sprawling views of Pittsburgh’s most famous skyscrapers.

Address & Phone: Sienna Mercato, 942 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, +1 412 281 2810

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Grand Concourse

Grand Concourse is a classic Pittsburgh dining option. Built in 1901, the restaurant has retained the station’s original look, with accents of marble and mahogany under a regal stained glass roof. While enjoying the views, guests relish steak, seafood and the city’s best brunch.

Address & Phone: Grand Concourse, 100 West Station Square Drive Pittsburgh, PA, USA, +1 412 261 1717

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