The 10 Best Restaurants In Regent Square, Pittsburgh

The 10 Best Restaurants In Regent Square, Pittsburgh
Regent Square is a charming neighborhood in the East End of Pittsburgh. In addition to beautiful Frick Park, Regent Square also houses several great restaurants in a small area. Read on for our top restaurant picks in Regent Square, Pittsburgh.
Trout w rolled oats risotto Courtesy of Root 174

Root 174

Root 174 brings a fresh take to upscale American cooking. Their cuisine is contemporary with a focus on creative meat dishes, and their cocktails are an experience like you’ve never had before. in addition to their dinner and cocktail menus, Root 174 is open for lunch Wednesday through Saturday. Root 174 also takes pride in their presentation. It’s almost a requirement to take a picture of the art on your plate before you indulge in your first perfect bite. Good news for non-meat eaters: they’re vegan friendly! They also take reservations.

Address & Telephone number: Root 174, 1113 S Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218, +1 (412) 243-4348

Square Cafe

Restaurant, Cafe, American, Vegetarian, $$$
Square Cafe, Pittsburgh
Square Cafe, Pittsburgh | Courtesy of Square Cafe
Square Cafe is the perfect destination for a creative take on American breakfast. Square Cafe is a colorful, mod diner, with an American menu that changes with season. Square Cafe is more than just a restaurant, it’s part of the community – it works with many local nonprofits and the walls of the diner showcases local artists. Plus, Square Cafe prides itself in accommodating your dietary needs. Whether vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free, Square Cafe has a knowledgeable and friendly staff to make you feel at ease.
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Restaurant, Italian, American, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, $$$
Although Cibo is currently closed, Pittsburgh is waiting patiently for its nearing reopening later this year. Cibo brings contemporary Italian cuisine to the street. Cibo’s restaurant and food has an upscale appearance but a casual feel, and Pittsburghers are anxiously awaiting their return for more seared Ahi tuna steaks and homemade ravioli. Check their Facebook for updates.
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Istanbul Sofra

Restaurant, Mediterranean, European, Turkish, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Halal, 0
Istanbul Sofra sits right across the street from Regent Square’s Frick Park and specializes in Mediterranean, Turkish, and Middle Eastern cuisines. A dinner here is comparable to a ‘two hour vacation to Istanbul.’ The menu features favorites like kebabs, homemade hummus and grape leaves, lamb, and mouthwatering falafel. The restaurant is brightly painted and decorated with rugs from and pictures of Istanbul to give the space a casual feel. Istanbul Sofra is BYOB and takes reservations.
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D's Six Pax and Dogz

Pub, American, Beer, Wine
D’s is a Pittsburgh favorite. This hot dog joint also serves pizza, is a pub, and has a beer cave, where you can buy pretty much any beer you want to-go. Their hot dogs are supreme, with pretty much any combination of toppings imaginable. D’s keeps everyone in mind and even offers vegetarian dogs and even ‘burghers.’ Some of their great dogs include the Mac & Cheese, Chihuahua, and Reuben. Plus, you can pair your meal with just about any beer.
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Dunning's Grill

Restaurant, American, $$$
Dunning’s Grill is a traditional American-irish restaurant in the heart of Regent Square. The cuisine consists largely of pub fare, with New York Strip Steaks, Lemon Basil Chicken, and even Zucchini Parmesan over pasta. Dunning’s is a part of the community, with many locals excited about scoring street-side tables. Dunning’s is also a great place for family and it’s where many celebrate their birthday, watch games, and hangout. It’s a great place for a relaxed evening.
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Map Room

Map Room is a local, community joint in Regent Square. The outside is a bright yellow, the inside is a fresh, clean white, and all of the walls are decorated with maps. The Map Room also is a venue for folk artists and a great hangout for watching the Pirates, Penguins, or Steelers. Plus, the bartenders are very friendly and make you feel as if you’re a regular on your first visit. The Map Room also offers great drink specials and even tasty vegetarian options.

Address & Telephone number: Map Room, 1126 S Braddock Ave, Swissvale, PA 15218, +1 (412) 371-1955

Murphy's Taproom

Bar, American, Pub Grub, Wine, Cocktails, Beer, $$$
Mango with Sticky Rice
Mango with Sticky Rice | © Terence Ong/WikiCommons
Murphy’s Taproom is a community staple of Regent Square. This Irish Pub has a wide variety of micro beers to enjoy after a nice meal at one of the other listed restaurants or a movie at the Regent Square Theatre, a movie theater that is a great alternative to the standard American multiplex. Murphy’s has a great dance floor and is a guaranteed way to end any evening on a relaxing note.
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Thai Cottage

Thai Cottage is authentic, cute, offers takeout, and has BYOB with no corkage fee, plus, the food is amazingly delicious and fresh. Not to mention that the food is on a lower price range for Thai food in the Pittsburgh area. Honestly, we don’t think Thai Cottage could be any better. The atmosphere is casual and the lighting is provided by lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Thai Cottage is the perfect place for any occasion.

Address & Telephone number: Thai Cottage, 1109 S Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218 +1 (412) 241-8424

Vanilla Pastry

Rounding out our list is a pastry studio, Vanilla Pastry Studio, because who said a cupcake can’t be a meal? All pastries here are homemade with real and fresh ingredients. Some favorites include the Mango/Passionfruit, Chocolate/Espresso, and the classic Vanilla/Vanilla. Vanilla Pastry Studio doesn’t just stop at cupcakes – they make cookies, cakes, lollies, and other pastries, too. Sometimes, you can even find fresh-baked treats for your favorite pup.

Address & Telephone number: Vanilla Pastry Studio, 1130 S Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218, +1 (412) 242-9820