10 Things To Do in Salem, Massachusetts

10 Things To Do in Salem, Massachusetts
Salem, Massachusetts is a town with a haunted past — but that’s what makes it all the more exciting. Salem is infamous for the Salem witch trials, which makes the month of October a spooky and spectacular time. Capitalize on all the fun to be had while celebrating its history.

Visit Harbor Sweets

Visit Harbor Sweets for some of the best goodies this Halloween season. There are handmade candies galore in this chocolate lover’s heaven. Watch out for their sweet sloops (handmade chocolate sailboats with almond butter crunch in the center).

85 Leavitt St, Salem, MA USA (978) 745-7648

Check Out Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

This museum offers those adrenaline lovers in Salem the thrill of their lives. It flaunts exhibits on horror, Sci-Fi, and fantasy films. Count Orlok’s is a place you need to see before leaving Salem — plus check out their haunted house in October.

285 Derby St, Salem, MA USA (978) 740-0500

Tour Salem Willows

Salem Willows is both an oceanfront neighborhood and an amusement park. It gets its name from the white willows planted there in the early 1800s. Be sure to stop by for an amazing view and a roller coaster riding time.

167 Fort Ave, Salem, MA USA (978) 741-4600

Visit Crow Haven Corner

Crow Haven Corner is America’s oldest “witch shop.” This shop is packed with witchcraft — you’ll feel like you’re at Hogwarts. Kids love it here (as do their parents!). Get your tarot cards read if you’re feeling adventurous. This is a must-stop shop in Salem, MA.

125 Essex St, Salem, MA USA (978) 745-8763

Take A Bewitched After Dark Walking Tour of Salem

Get spooky with Bewitched After Dark — go for a wicked walking tour of Salem. This tour will educate you on Salem’s history while also sending you through a haunted heaven. if you are around Salem in the fall make sure you head over hear for some haunted Halloween fun.

180 Essex St, Salem, MA USA (978) 498-4061

Check Out The Witch House

Otherwise known as the Jonathan Corwin House, The Witch House is one of the only houses left standing that has direct ties to the Salem Witch trials. Tour the house where Corwin led the biggest witch hunt in history and learn more about America’s colonial heritage.

310 Essex St, Salem, MA USA (978) 744-8815

Check Out the Haunted Happenings Grand Parade

Head to Salem in October for fall festivities and Halloween fun. Kick off the season with Salem at their annual Haunted Happening Grand Parade. Dress up in your spookiest costume and celebrate the witch town with the locals.