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Top 10 Restaurants In Sierra Vista, Arizona
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Top 10 Restaurants In Sierra Vista, Arizona

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Sierra, Arizona, is dubbed the ‘Hummingbird Capital of the World’ and is home to many military families, nature-lovers, and archaeologists. Sierra is also home to one of the nation’s largest addiction rehabilitation facilities. Here are 10 outstanding restaurants offering cultural cuisine in Sierra Vista.
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Breadbasket is a a family-run German bakery offering guests authentic German cuisine and pastry strudels. Rumor has it that Sierra Vista has a large population of German military wives, and Breadbasket is a product of this. Order a meal for dine-in or to-go (the bakery is always busy). From the menu, try the pretzel roll or almond crescent, avocado salad, or chicken cranberry sandwich.

Breadbasket, 355 W Wilcox Dr, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA +1 520 458 8580

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Hoppin’ Grapes

This unique wine and beer tasting and retail store offers a smorgasbord of food, drinks, and activities. Owned by husband and wife team Kristine and Eric, Hoppin’ Grapes is open from mid-day onward, making it a great place for a casual and friendly get together. Live music happens every Saturday night, and beer and wine tastings are held as well. Order the meat and cheese plates and tiramisu.

Hoppin’ Grapes, 409 W Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA +1 520 338 WINE

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Outside Inn

With its welcoming house-turned-restaurant atmosphere, Outside Inn is a great place to relax and enjoy a quiet meal. Expect to be treated by owner David Bain while dining. If food restrictions are an issue, meals are prepared to accommodate. The food isn’t rushed, and neither are the customers. The restaurant is rumored to be the best place in town for ‘foodies,’ but expect the price to go along with the label. Try the Monte Cristo sandwich, the French onion soup, and mahimahi with mango sauce.

Outside Inn, 4907 AZ-92, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA +1 520 378 4645

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The German Café

The German Café is a popular neighborhood restaurant that serves home cooked and freshly prepared authentic German food in a humble atmosphere. Located on a side street east of Highway 92 with limited parking, expect to wait for your meal, as it is a popular café with relaxed service and only 20 tables. Try the Jaegerschnitzel, rue en on a pretzel roll, German potato salad, onion schnitzel and cucumber salad, and German chocolate cake.

The German Café, 1805 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA +1 520 456 1705

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Angelika’s German Imports

Angelika’s German Imports is a Germanowned restaurant offering made-from-scratch cuisine. The property also carries German market goods for purchase. Angelika’s is located in a strip mall on Fry Boulevard, which is easy to miss if it’s not on your radar. Decorated with décor from Germany, the atmosphere is complemented by delicious smells and tastes that are reminiscent of the European countryside. Try the frankfurter with potato salad, gerkin salad in sour cream, veal loaf, and leberkäse.

Angelika’s German Imports, 1630 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA +1 520 458 5150

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Serving authentic Mexican food in a mostly take-out atmosphere, Rodolfo’s is quick, and the price will not put a hole in the wallet. The restaurant resembles a California-style Taquería and is always busy with customers. Drive thru is also an option here, but on-site dining is where the free chips are served with two different types of salsa. From the menu, order burritos, enchiladas, fish tacos, and carne asada tacos.

Rodolfo’s, 862 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA +1 520 439 4000

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Indochine is an unassuming Vietnamese restaurant located in a strip mall adjacent to a tattoo parlor. The chef is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy and is said to visit with customers at their table and help with any menu questions. Portions are generously served, and the ingredients used are fresh. Order the crab cheese puffs, beef and lemon grass noodles, pork and egg roll rice noodle bowl, tofu curry, and phở soup.

Indochine, 1299 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA +1 520 459 2805

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Tanuki Sushi Bar & Garden

Tanuki Sushi Bar & Garden is a local favorite because of the food and special attention given to customers by the owner, Maggie. With a recent space expansion, the restaurant also offers patio dining, although don’t expect anything glitzy. Enjoy outdoor dining or watch the sushi chefs behind the bar preparing freshly flown-in fish. From the menu order the miso soup, Vegas roll, teriyaki chicken and vegetable tempura, and soft shell crab sushi roll.

Tanuki Sushi Bar & Garden, 1221 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ +1 520 459 6853

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Sunna’s Korean Restaurant

Sunna’s Korean Restaurant is a no-frills restaurant located in a strip mall, serving authentic Korean food. The restaurant serves nothing with MSG, and the staff is friendly and efficient. Should any questions arise on Korean fare, the server is available with an answer. Sunna is the owner and cooks all the food herself. This is an intimate gesture offered to those who are not in a hurry. From the menu, order dumpling soup, bibimbap, bulgogi, tteokbokki and daeji-bulgogi.

Sunna’s Korean Restaurant, 260 W Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA +1 520 335 2082

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Taking up residence in an old Subway restaurant at the Hobby Lobby shopping center, Fresh offers customers freshly made sandwiches. Portions are large, and customers can order mix-and-match half sizes. Expect steady traffic, as this favorite local sandwich shop gets busy during dining hours. If the line is too long, the restaurant offers online ordering. Don’t miss the dairy-free cheese, caprese panini, Italian stallion, southwest turkey and avocado, tortilla soup in a bread bowl, and sage tea.

Fresh, 629 Hwy 90 #2, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA +1 520 335 8443