Best Brunch Places in the Roma and Condesa

Salicornia Brunch │© Salicornia
Salicornia Brunch │© Salicornia
Photo of Lydia Carey
25 April 2018

While brunch is not a native tradition here in Mexico, it’s a meal that is becoming ever-more popular in the younger and trendier circles as more internationals make their way to Mexico City and the residents themselves start to appreciate this in-between snack time. Here are a few of our top brunch places in two of our favorite Mexico City neighborhoods: Roma and Condesa.

Lalo – Roma Norte

Lalo’s long, family-style table invites you to get to know your fellow brunchers! The service is quick and professional and you will never be left with an empty cup of coffee in your hand. Poached eggs, avocado toast, and Lalo’s French toast should all be on your try list. Right across the street from chef Lalo Garcia’s other masterpiece Maximo Bistro, Lalo is a popular spot so you are advised to come before you are hungry to get a seat!

Lalo! │ | © Lalo!

Eno – Roma Norte

Eno is the new kid on the block in the Roma Norte. Go these days and you will most likely find the place packed on Saturday and Sunday. Their menu has dozens of international and Mexican options like egg-in-a-hole, chilaquiles, French toast, oatmeal and omelettes. The coffee’s not that strong so order a double, and if your stomach is small they offer salads and child-size portions that adults can order.

Huset – Roma Norte

Brunch al fresco is always a pleasure in Mexico City, where it’s rarely below 70 degrees all year round. Huset has a long list of savory and sweet dishes and a kitchen that focuses on using smoke as a main element in their menu, so expect some grilling to be invovled in your brunch. If mimosas, French toast, fried eggs and a good cup of coffee are what you need, Huset might just be your answer.

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Ojo de Agua – Condesa

For a healthy take on breakfast try the Ojo de Agua in Condesa, serving up some great traditional Mexican favorites: chilaquiles, enchiladas, molletes and drowned poached eggs. They also have a delicious selection of smoothies, juices and aguas to hydrate while you stuff your face. Here you will find lots of fresh, healthy and seasonal ingredients on the menu.

Pan Comido – Roma

Pan Comido may cater to vegans and vegetarians, but its Saturday and Sunday brunch will keep everyone happy. They serve piping hot breakfast burritos with your choice of beans, cheese, soysage, organic eggs, spinach and other delicious veggies as well as breakfast sandwiches and delicious French Press coffee. Top it all off with a vegan cookie from their bakery connected to the restaurant (trust us, they’re delicious!) and your breakfast will be complete. Don’t come starving as there is often a 10-15 minute wait, especially if you want to sit outside and people watch!

Pan Comido burrito │ | © Lydia Carey

Delirio – Roma Norte

Monica Patino’s place is a classic in the Roma district, with a brunch for all palates. Dozens of sweets including passionfruit cheesecake, chocolate crossiants and Mexican conchas match up perfectly with a coffee or latte with soy milk from the coffee bar. If you want savory there is a long list of mediterranean-inspired plates like hummus, mixed olives, lamb lasagna and stuffed grape leaves. On the weekends there is a special brunch buffet that includes egg dishes, quiches, roasted potatoes and more.

Condesa DF – Condesa

Condesa DF puts out quite a spread on its beautiful central patio on the border of Colonias Roma and Condesa. The ambiance is half the experience, but the brunch cocktails and smoothies add an additional touch of class. The menu, like the crowd is a mix of local and international with chilaquiles and enchildadas satisfying the need for Mexican flavor and French toast and eggs benedict your yearning for the European.


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Le Pain Quotidien – Condesa

Don’t let its status as a chain restaurant keep you from enjoying brunch at Le Pain Quotidien in Condesa. First of all, the leafy setting on Amsterdam will set the brunch scene nicely. Then the menu with everything from eggs benedict to yogurt with fruit and granola and fluffy crossiants is bound to make any bruncher happy. There are also belgian waffles, salmon tartines, omelettes and a never ending supply of bread with homemade jams and jellies.

Salicornia – Condesa

The new look of A de Acento is Salicornia, a Baja-med inspired restaurant with a new brunch buffet. While you won’t find many Baja dishes on the brunch menu you will find omelettes, chilaquiles, northern-style burritos with dried beef, and tortas ahogada. The 290p brunch includes any main dish as well as unlimited juices, coffee, sweet breads and fruit. An additional version is avialable with free unlimited mimosas!

Salicornia Brunch │ | © Salicornia