The Best Websites to Online Shop in Dubai

Shopping | © Negative Space/Pexels
Shopping | © Negative Space/Pexels
Photo of Thais Kelly
8 June 2018

Dubai is famous for being a place where people go to shop. However, not everyone has time to visit the biggest shopping mall in the world, Dubai Mall, in order to check out all of their 1,200 outlets. But do not fret, there’s always online shopping! Dubai has a vast array of online shopping outlets and here are our favourites.


Namshi has certainly taken Dubai and the Middle East by storm. This online store has anything from activewear to formal wear – always catering for audiences in their twenties and bringing together some great brands such as Topshop, Forever 21 and more. The great thing about Namshi is that it’s fashionable yet affordable, making it accessible for young adults. Also, free deliveries and free returns are a real plus point.

Shopping | © StockSnap/Pixabay

Whether you are looking for electronics, watches, cosmetics, clothes or more, is the website for you. This is a fantastic online destination for anyone looking for great deals on high end products, such as iPhones, Macbooks and other electronics. Another great thing about is that it is a distributor website where people can put up things for sale, including items that wouldn’t otherwise be available in stores in Dubai – giving resident access to goods that have not yet arrived in the city.


Fashionable, young and full of great deals – Sivvi is a fantastic online shopping spot. The website is active in a few different countries around the Middle East and allows shoppers to have access to their favorite brands from the comfort of their home. Sivvi offers brands like Aldo, Mango, TOMS and many others – an array of your favourite great labels in one single destination. This fashion curator website offers looks for both men and women!

I Saw It First

For those who want stylish and unique looks, I Saw It First is the perfect place to shop. Here, the looks are affordable and trendy – with the great addition that they can’t be found in any mall. I Saw It First offers a vast range of looks for women, with a fun and unique spin. The website delivers in the UAE for the small charge of 15 AED, and offers free returns to shoppers, as well as the option to pay with cash on delivery. Practical and fashionable, the perfect combination!

Online Shopping | © JESHOOTS/Pixabay

My Ex Wardrobe

My Ex Wardrobe offers you the opportunity to shop for pre-loved clothes – as well as sell your items that you don’t want anymore. It’s common for people to purchase clothes, wear them once or twice, and then leave them aside. So why not give these clothes a brand new home? For shoppers, this is a great opportunity to find unique items, as well as designer labels for a much more affordable price.


People who love online shopping know that there’s nothing better than curator websites, offering a variety of brands to choose form. Ounass does just that, but for designer labels! Via this fantastic website, shoppers have access to some of the most luxurious labels around such as Gucci, Prada, Valentino and so on. Ounass offers anything, from designer bags to clothing and the best of all is that it offers 2-hour free delivery in Dubai, so you don’t even have to anxiously wait for your purchase to arrive.


Anyone who loves fashion knows that accessories are just as important as the clothes themselves, and one of the most popular staple accessories out there are sunglasses. Eyewa focuses on providing shoppers with the highest quality sunglasses from the biggest brands out there, as well as regular glasses, from the comfort of their computer. Eyewa also sells contact lenses, making it much more practical to have access to these essential items and avoiding a trip to the optical store.

Sunglasses | © webandi/Pixabay