The Best Coffee Shops in Sharjah, UAE

Coffee in Sharjah |© David Pacey / Flickr
Coffee in Sharjah |© David Pacey / Flickr | Flickr
Photo of Jessica Harn
24 October 2017

Arabs love their coffee. And Emiratis in the UAE love their coffee with a splash of style. While Dubai does have numerous international and local coffee shops, there is nowhere like the city of Sharjah for an authentic, local, and delicious time with you and your cup of coffee. Here are the best coffee shops in Sharjah to either wake you up in the morning, relax you in the afternoon, or put you to bed at night (yes, people here in Sharjah drink coffee before bed for a good night’s rest)!

Attibassi Coffee

Although it calls itself a Belgian café, this coffee house is the perfect place to mingle in with the locals of Sharjah and really enjoy an amazing cup of coffee. Located in the Qasba, which is the high-end corniche area of the city, indulge in an espresso Arabica for a local taste of amazing coffee, or the ever-popular Turco coffee, made in the traditional Turkish way of brewing coffee that will leave you addicted!

Traditional Arabic coffee | Flickr

Al Atlal Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Located in the Carlton Hotel right along the coast of Sharjah, this is a must-visit to enjoy top quality views and coffee. While attached to a restaurant, the coffee shop is enough to fulfill all your Arabian taste-buds—they serve dark Arabic coffee with sweet desserts to go alongside the bitter coffee. This is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon!

Ratios Coffee

With its chic and hip vibe, you almost feel like you’re in London’s SoHo or Upstate New York in Ratio’s Coffee. Serving deep and flavorful coffee blends from around the world, this café is located in the heart of Sharjah next to the traditional creek and souqs, making this juxtaposition of the old surroundings and new café a unique experience that you’ll have to try!

Gossip Café and Desserts

Although famous for its delightfully beautiful and colorful cakes and sweets, the coffee paired with their desserts is good enough to just drink on its own. The coffee can get a bit sweet and extravagant, but it’s the perfect drink of luxury for a well-deserved break from work or school. Located in Sharjah’s Matajer Al Juraina, this café is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth or relaxing with friends.

Too much sugar in your coffee is never a problem here! | Flickr

Blends and Brews

Located inside the American University of Sharjah, this is the perfect coffee shop to people watch the country’s brightest students and professors at work. Serving everything from traditional Arabic coffee to chai tea to the local karak drink, this café pairs perfectly with a good book or laptop project.

Pappa Roti

Arguably the city’s favorite café, Pappa Roti serves delicious local coffee or traditional karak along with its famous puffy sweet rolls. Stop by this café for a look at crowds of local girls, groups of Emirati teenagers, or international expats enjoying one of the best places to go in Sharjah for a delicious break.

Shakespeare and Co. Cafe

This café is without doubt the favorite place to go for the local Emiratis, and once you step inside you’ll notice that there are almost no expats or other Arabs—the Emiratis have taken in this coffee house as their own. With delightful vintage-looking sofas and chairs to lounge on, everything from the coffee cups to the spoon handles are carefully chosen for the best colorful look, and you sometimes have to wonder which the locals enjoy more: the coffee or the Instagram opportunities!

Coffee and Instagram were made for each other in Sharjah | Flickr

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