The Best Italian Restaurants In Dubai

Lasagna  [ © adora/Wikimedia ]
Lasagna [ © adora/Wikimedia ]
Photo of Lavanya Nair
9 February 2017

The art of Italian cuisine has existed since long before Italy actually united as a country. Recipes have been passed down from each generation and have evolved as they move from family to family and from country to country. For those searching for authentic dishes to devour while in Dubai, here’s our guide to the best Italian restaurants.

Pizza_Rucola [ | © Benreis/Wikimedia ]

Capanna Nuova

Residing near the breakwaters overlooking the Arabian Gulf, this restaurant strives to present a delectable menu of traditional Italian cuisine while showcasing spectacular sea views that will leave you in awe. You’ll have the option of choosing an intimate seating arrangement outdoors, where the vibrant, illuminated city can truly be appreciated. Those who opt for an indoor experience will note that the rustic and warm undertones of the decor do indeed emulate the preferred styles of eateries in Italy. Boasting an array of authentic, signature dishes, owner and chef Francisco aims to preserve the Italian essence of his recipes, enticing customers with a tempting variation of meals, desserts and beverages. Let the mouthwatering antipasti lure you in, be it the frittata or the insalata. Stick around for the sumptuous tiramasu, infused with the best coffee Capanna Nuova has to offer.

Fettuccine [ | © Ivan Vighetto/Wikimedia ]


Adjacent to the Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall, Sicilia infuses their menu with a personal zest, producing original and homey Italian dishes with a Sicilian edge. This restaurant has mastered the technique of incorporating individual influences into each recipe without compromising the authenticity of the cuisine. Taste the immense devotion that is put into every masterpiece, courtesy of the owner, Chef Stefano Ligori who endeavours to provide clientele with more than just a plate of food. Try the seafood medleys, combined with pasta fresches (fresh pasta) and refreshing zuppa (soup).

Clam Linguine [ | © ]

Casa Mia

If you’re seeking a reasonably priced establishment to dine at, Casa Mia with its unique twists on beloved Italian classics will be perfect. Sample tasty dishes such as the linguine alla scoglio (elongated pasta served with a seafood medley and vine-ripened cherry tomatoes) and appreciate the earthy interiors. Should you choose the al fresco seating arrangement, bask in the warm Dubai heat and opt for a thirst quenching Roccato Toscana from an exclusive selection of Italian wines.

Affogato [ | © VR38DETT/Wikimedia ]


Showcasing awe-inspiring views of the Dubai skyline and creek, Vivaldi, with its crisp white interiors, elegant drop lights and incredible architecture, serves a fine menu of Italian delicacies. Spearheaded by Chef Alfredo Russo, Vivaldi has been heralded as one of the best Italian restaurants in Dubai. Those desiring a serene view to accompany their meal can be seated opposite a huge expanse of floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the ports and ferries on the cerulean waters.

Tartufo [ | © Anna Fox/Wikimedia]

Massimo’s Italian Restaurant

Massimo’s overlooks the Dubai Marina and has an impressive waterfront terrace to host you and your company while you indulge in deliciously authentic Italian recipes. With all the ingredients hand-selected and imported from Italy, diners can detect the real essence of Italian cuisine in each bite. Massimo’s boasts an impressive menu with freshly baked bruschetta and creamy panna cotta infused with summer fruits.

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