8 Unique Souvenirs to Pick up in Dubai

Everyone should visit Dubai at least once to experience the beauty of the Arabian Peninsula | © Nacho Pintos/Flickr
Everyone should visit Dubai at least once to experience the beauty of the Arabian Peninsula | © Nacho Pintos/Flickr
Photo of Jessica Harn
20 December 2017

Dubai has a lot to offer for those travelling to the UAE for the first time. From its futuristic skyline to vast desert landscapes, from the biggest mall in the world to some of the best cuisine in the region, Dubai seems to have it all. When visiting, one can get overwhelmed by the endless amount of goods and souvenirs to bring back home, so here are the best souvenirs to be sure to pick up when you’re in Dubai:


Dried dates from the palm trees of Dubai are some of the best sweets you can get in the city! While plain dates are the most common, you can get some true artisan dates that are chocolate covered, filled with pistachio or sprinkled with dried fruits to make it an even fancier souvenir from the UAE.

You can either get fresh dates, like at the market shown above, or dried dates which are usually sold in malls or in tourist areas | © Jan Smith/Flickr

Camel milk

Although not as widely consumed or used today compared to the traditional Bedouin days of Dubai, camel milk is still found in grocery stores and will make a truly unique souvenir. You can buy camel milk as a drink or even as a cheese-like yogurt substance, or for those who aren’t as brave, you can also get camel milk soap to wash your hands and body with.

Camel milk smoothies! | © Krista/Flickr

Assorted candied fruits and nuts

Arabs and Emiratis alike love to snack on candied or dried fruits and nuts, and the assortments in Dubai are beautifully made. Take back colourful candied fruits or platters of delicious nuts for a souvenir bound to make even the pickiest of family members smile.

You can even handpick which nuts you want at the more traditional souks of Dubai | © Christine Olson/Flickr

Gold earrings or bracelets

Dubai is well-known for its love of gold, and the enormous and sparkling Gold Souk in Dubai stands as a tribute to all that glitters in the city. Stop by this souk and buy a gold bracelet or a pair of earrings that you can hand-pick in terms of shape and design – just be sure to bargain or you won’t get the best price!

The Dubai Gold Souk | © Stefano Brivio/Flickr

Local pearl jewellery

The UAE has a long history of pearl diving and you can still get local pearls in Dubai as a unique and local souvenir that supports one of the city’s most important traditions. Bring back simple yet beautiful pearls for a souvenir like no other that you can say is truly from Dubai.

Pearls are never a bad idea | © K.Kendall/Flickr

Handmade bottles of UAE sand

Dubai is surrounded by the beautiful desert. A popular and unique souvenir that many tourists want to take home is a small bottle of either natural or dyed sand from the desert. What better way to appreciate the Arabian Peninsula than to bring back a little part of this beautifully vast desert?

Start diggin! | © Robert Haandrikman/Flickr

A local kandoura outfit for men

The kandoura, the white long dress that local men in Dubai wear, will make the perfect souvenir for any guy who wants to experience the look of locals in the UAE. There’s nothing more quintessentially Dubai than this well-known national dress and the shopping experience is bound to be fun!

The traditional dress for men and boys | © SarahTz/Flickr

A local abaya outfit for women

Acting as a matching pair to the men’s kandoura is the women’s abaya, the long and flowing black dress worn by local Emirati women. Coming in all different styles, designs and colours, the abaya remains a favourite among locals and tourists alike!

Abayas are sold everywhere in Dubai | © Lars Plougmann/Flickr

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