10 Things Everyone Visiting Dubai Mall Will Experience

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall | Flickr
Photo of Jessica Harn
1 October 2017

Dubai Mall is one of those places you just have to visit while you’re in Dubai. It’s the biggest mall in the world, and right next to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The mall has a huge aquarium, an ice skating rink, every single brand name shop you can think of, delicious restaurants, boutique shops, and so much more. It is, however, quite an experience just for its enormity; so here are the 10 things everyone will experience at least once when visiting Dubai Mall.

Getting lost

Dubai Mall is literally the biggest mall in the world, and it’s a given that everyone will get a little lost at least once. If you do get lost though, keep calm and just keep walking and you’ll find something you recognize sooner or later!

Dubai Mall | Flickr

Not being able to comprehend just how big the mall is

Every time you visit Dubai Mall you’ll see at least one tourist or first-timer just standing in the middle of the mall and staring around them in wonder. It really is hard to comprehend just how extensive this mall is… it almost feels like a mini-city.

Remembering how much fun it is to people-watch

Dubai Mall is always full of people from all walks of life, and one of the best things about visiting the mall is the people-watching. From dressed up locals, bewildered tourists, Arab families, and European celebrities, you’ll never get bored with the people in Dubai Mall.

Feeling like you’re not dressed up enough

Some of the richest and fanciest people in Dubai roam this mall to simply show off their good looks, and while it may be fun to people watch in the beginning, after a while you may become extremely self-conscious about your own look. Everyone who has been to this mall has felt under-dressed at least once!

Getting countless perfume samples

The people of Dubai love perfume. And where better to fulfill all of your perfume fantasies than the biggest mall in the world? From perfume stands to royalty worthy perfume shops, you’ll be handed enough perfume samples while you roam around to last you a week!

Brand name perfumes are a rule in Dubai Mall | Flickr

Having a slight breakdown because your feet are starting to hurt

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a minor (or sometimes major) breakdown at least once while visiting Dubai Mall because of too much walking. From either just being tired of walking in the crowd or from the pain of the pair of shoes you’re wearing, we’ve all been there. It’s just a part of surviving Dubai Mall!

Getting over-charged for a small cup of coffee

While Dubai Mall has enough entertainment for those who only want to do some window shopping, you’ll eventually have to drink something, and there may be quite a price to pay for that cup of coffee. Dubai Mall knows that while some of us don’t want to spend $20 on a cup of black coffee, it also knows that there are plenty more customers who will casually spend more than that for a drink. I guess it’s the price we have to pay for rubbing shoulders with the rich in Dubai Mall!

Being in awe of the dancing fountains

Every Dubai Mall first-timer, has to go to the Dancing Fountains right outside the mall next to Burj Khalifa. It is truly a special experience to be outside in the crowds, watching an enormous fountain “dance” to music next to the tallest building in the world. Everyone who sees this for the first time can’t help but be enthralled.

Trying to get a good picture in front of the aquarium

The fact that the mall has an entire aquarium inside it is baffling in itself, and we all tend to gravitate towards the aquarium and try to take a picture in front of it without getting too many other tourists in the background.

Dubai Mall Aquarium | Flickr

And then getting distracted by the huge candyshop in front of the aquarium

But then most of us end up getting distracted from picture-taking by the enormous candy shop right in front of the aquarium, and will more likely than not spend more time inside the sweet shop gawking at the world’s largest block of Hersheys chocolate. Don’t feel ashamed, we’ve all been there!

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