10 Outstanding Chinese Restaurants In Dubai

Meal  [ © Wally Govetz/Flickr ]
Meal [ © Wally Govetz/Flickr ]
Photo of Lavanya Nair
9 February 2017

The art of Chinese gastronomy was widely mastered during the era of Confucius during the late Zhou dynasty. Now the culinary traditions of China have grown on the Western world. Here’s our list of 10 outstanding Chinese restaurants in Dubai.

Noodles [ | © katorisi/Wikimedia ]

The Peacock

Known as one of the most acclaimed Chinese restaurants in Dubai is The Peacock. It is based on the mezzanine floor of the Sheraton Jumeirah and has a delectable selection of Chinese and Szechuan dishes bound to satiate your hunger. Chef Xiao Jun prepares beloved classics such as homemade dim sum, Peking duck, crispy sweet chili beef and gong bao chicken. The restaurant houses a zen-style decor which enhances the sophisticated ambiance. Meanwhile, the crisp, white dishes are laden with aromatic meals, highlighting the color contrast and luring you in. Tuck into succulent lamb dim sum (dumplings) or refresh your tastebuds with a wholesome chicken noodle soup.

Beef Stir fry | © jeffrey/Wikimedia

Blue Jade

Most would agree that quality is more important than quantity. At the Blue Jade, only the finest and most diverse ingredients are incorporated into innovative dishes that are sure to stimulate even the pickiest of palates. You are welcomed with true Asian hospitality from the moment you enter to the second you leave. Sample the gorgeous creations that are on offer, hand-crafted by talented chefs. They endeavor to hone the art of balancing sweet and savory flavors to bring a harmonious blend of aromas to your dish. This is true whether it be the Szechuan aubergines with shitake mushrooms or an irresistible rice pudding, laced with coconut milk and topped with fresh mangoes. Blue Jade is sure to deliver a slice of China in every bite you take.

The Walk at Jbr | The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, Dubai 26525,United Arab Emirates, +971 4 318 6150

Long Yin

Revel in the bursts of sensations and aromas when you sample a dish from Long Yin, situated at the Meridien Dubai Hotel. Although China itself consists of more than 50 ethnic groups, Long Yin caters to a select cuisine of Cantonese and Szechuan food. These range from pungent, crispy duck with hoisin sauce to a sumptuous fried banana as an accompaniment to ice cream. With a grand statue that graces the entrance depicting a Terracotta warrior, the wooden interiors give a rustic feel to the interiors. This seemingly transports guests on an enchanting journey around the East, treating them to a variety of meals. Some of these dishes are expertly carved at the table. One can opt for a semi-private seating arrangement and relax in the lime green sofas. Here, sample the impressive wine selection which includes imports from France, Chile, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Xiao Long Bao [ | © MR+G/Wikimedia ]

Shanghai Chic

With its color palette of purple and black along with the magnificent furnishings and sculptures depicting ancient warriors, Shanghai Chic strives to produce a traditional menu of bespoke Chinese classics. Located within the Movenpick hotel, the restaurant is the perfect venue for all occasions. They regularly host theme nights in addition to offering signature dishes such as xiao long bao (pork dumplings served in a delicious broth) and chicken in a sweet chili gravy. Appreciate the company of good friends and family in the presence of mouthwatering edible delights. Make Shanghai Chic your go-to restaurant in Dubai.

Sea bass [ | © Chefkevindoherty/Wikimedia ]


One can experience the culinary cultures of ­Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine at Mekong, the Antantara resort’s signature dining venue. With Southeast Asia’s legendary river as its namesake, Mekong offers a personal zest to much-loved recipes that you can indulge in time and time again. While savoring these authentic eastern dishes, be seated at an oriental style table. Or choose a rickshaw-style seating arrangement. For the purposes of privacy for more intimate gatherings, a private dining room is also available to book. Taste the steamed sea bass or the sweet and sour vegetable medley comprising cherry tomatoes, onions, pineapple and tofu.

Sidecar Cocktail [ | © Evan Swigart/Wikimedia ]


Yuan is an award-winning establishment that is the epitome of luxury. It showcases a prolific selection of Chinese cuisine. Whether you’re dining at the deluxe seating areas or socializing at the bar, Yuan is a true haven for social butterflies. Entertain privately in the more discreet areas of the restaurant and sample a multitude of top-class dishes including the Szechuan green beans, sauteed with minced chicken. There is also the scrumptious corn custard dessert that consists of corn, sweet milk and and crumbly coconut sorbet. An age policy prohibits those younger than 10 from entering. So, Yuan is ideal for good friends to unite in the presence of thirst-quenching beverages and contemporary Chinese favorites.

Nasi_goreng | © Midori/Wikimedia

Bamboo Lagoon

Serving a luscious blend of exotic and vibrant flavors, Bamboo Lagoon offers a menu of not only Chinese but Thai and Indonesian dishes that evoke feelings of pure bliss when devoured. Located at the Marriot, the restaurant has multiple buffet food stations with specialist chefs who prepare your food at each station. The relaxing atmosphere at the Bamboo Lagoon doesn’t disappoint with its live entertainment, featuring upcoming musicians. There’s also a bouncy castle, designed to occupy children and allow parents to take a well-earned break. Patrons can dine on popular classics including seafood medleys and fried dumplings. The complementary decor will leave you in awe as the large traditional fans are put on display as well as green vegetation and statuesque ornaments.

Halal_Beef_Daoxuemian [ | © Wrightbus/Wikimedia ]


Traditional meets contemporary in a collision of culture and flavors at Junsui. The combination of tableware that has been used for centuries (tea pots and bowls) complements the sleek and plush interiors of the restaurant. It also highlights the shift in trends occurring throughout the Far East and how both ways of dining can be experienced in a sophisticated package. There’s live stations dedicated to Chinese delicacies as well as those from Korea and Japan. Marvel at the art of preparing noodles that are pulled to perfection by talented chefs. You can also purchase a gift certificate to treat your loved ones to a truly exquisite meal where your needs are prioritized.

Laos cuisine | © einalem/Wikimedia


Inspired by the first millennium tribe that settled across Southeast Asia, Lao’s decadent menu is a reflection on the rich culinary customs of the Lao people. Lao aims to propagate traditional Southeast Asian cuisine throughout the Middle East, via its innovative creations. These fuse modern and ancient cooking techniques and culminate in an explosion of vibrant flavors. Experiment with the staple food of the Lao people which is steamed sticky rice. Appreciate this modern take on Chinese combined with aromas from its neighboring countries. Dine in the expansive seating area with impressive views of the city skyline which will leave you overwhelmed with its elegance.

Stir fried prawns | © ProjectManhattan/Wikimedia

Zheng He

Zheng He aims to reinvent Chinese cuisine with its masterful creations and signature dishes that are enhanced with exotic spices to give them a special twist. However, their authenticity is still preserved. This place’s exterior seating area is anointed with Chinese lanterns. Sample the spicy mustard prawns or less famous dishes such as the toothfish. With relaxing music to provide a serene and tranquil backdrop, Zheng He is paradise on Earth. It allows one to experience the flavors of China with family or friends in a low-key setting.

Crème_brûlée [ | © Arnaud 25/Wikimedia ]


Capturing the heritage and culture of Asia in each bite that you take, Shiba provides an authentic menu. It offers dishes reminiscent of the provinces from which they originate. With a wooden theme, the rustic ambiance is warm and inviting. Lounge in the sleek bar that has an extensive selection of exotic beverages. These are the ideal component to a relaxing conversation. Appreciate the art of Asian cuisine when tucking into much-loved classics that are lovingly prepared by specialist chefs. Relish the decadent desserts that will be the perfect finish to a satisfying meal. There’s ample opportunity to sit outside. From here, witness the incredible view of the racecourse and bask in the gentle breeze while dining in both peace and style.

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